An Extraordinary Collab Between Suit Make X Yoanna Lee

An ORIGINAL collab between Suit Make X Yoanna Lee

By Tanisha Lakha

Jen, Yoanna

How it All Started


In the summer of last year, Suit Make founder and president Jen Auh submitted an application to the My Store x My Artist project hosted by the city of Seoul. The organization handling the project reached out to Jen to let her know that Suit Make had been chosen. In August, Jen met the artist, Yoanna Lee for the first time. From then, a beautifully talented partnership was formed and the rest was history. In the end, the Suit Make X Yoanna Lee collab was created.


The Process


During the collaboration process between Suit Make X Yoanna Lee, scarves and clutches were chosen as the two products. Yoanna worked with Suit Make and Jen Auhs’ brand colors to create the patterns. Finally, two designs were picked by both parties for the scarves and five designs for the pouches. While the scarves are bold and eye catching using bright hues of purple, teal, yellow and blue,  the clutches are organic and artsy with cool shades of blue, black and tan. 


How it’s going


All in all, the process took roughly six weeks to brainstorm, draft and create. There are several small and big steps that take place to make these products and designs the best that they can be.  The brilliant products were featured in the My Store x My Artist annual report book. Jen Auh and Yoanna Lee combined their creativity, talent and skills to create these gorgeous and stunning products. Whether it may be for yourself or as a gift, be sure to grab one of these uniquely designed and one of a kind accessories from the Suit Make x Yoanna Lee  collection. To see a quick, short video of the collaboration process between Jen and Yoanna, click here.