Brand ambassador 6:Richard's Grand Metamorphosis

BY Gabriel berreteaga

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang

We have been so excited to welcome our new Brand Ambassador for , Mr. Richard Yang. Over the course of six months, he has gone through a style transformation from our CEO and style expert, Jen Auh. Jen has given him a full image makeover to improve his overall appearance.

This process started in July and will continue to December. Every month since then, Richard has gone in to meet Jen as she focuses on different elements to improve on.

She gave him her recommendations while getting to know him better. Each session has varied from skincare products, wardrobe essentials, and accessories such as belts and shoes. In this final entry, we will discover Richards Grand Metamorphosis.   

Brand Ambassador: Richard

Richard has a dream of becoming a full-time model. He wants to progressively build his portfolio so that he can have a new career as a senior model in 5 years after retiring from his 35+ year long career.

As we focus on Richards Grand Metamorphosis, there will be an in-depth analysis to his progression. To help Richard with his goal, we will recommend to him the best products and wardrobe pieces.

Followed by giving him a fresh new look and overall style. With these tips and tricks from Jen, Richard will fulfill his dream and ultimate happiness of being a professional full- time model.


Mr. Richard Yang and his Progressing Metamorphosis

It has been a few weeks since we started the style transformation for Mr. Richard Yang. This means it’s time for an update. To refresh your memory, Mr. Yang is a senior model whose main goal is to audition for TV shows and commercials.

To succeed at this, he needs to make sure his face is glowing and youthful. Richard has been using a face mask 1-2 times a week especially before photoshoots. He has also been taking the diet coffee for weight loss.

It seems that the coffee has been working effectively for weight loss and tastes great. Besides these facts, his style comes to a highlight as he pursues his grand metamorphosis! This season, we are proud to present the grand results of Mr. Richard Yang’s time spent participating with SUIT MAKE


Richard’s Familiar Background

During our last meeting, we also got the lovely opportunity to meet with Richard’s son, Nam Young Yang. He is a voice actor and model who’s end goal is to be an actor. He was the one who recommended to Richard to get involved in modeling.

We asked Nam Young if he noticed any changes in Richard since he began his journey as brand ambassador. He told us that although the clothing we have isn’t usually his style, he seemed to pull it off quite well.

He smoothly transformed into the new style and has adapted it into his daily life. We are thrilled to have Richard on board our Brand Ambassador train.

It was wonderful getting to know his son to help understand Richard deeper. Being around familiar faces tends to bring out the most comforting and authentic sides of you.

Since Richard had the shoot update with his son, we got an inkling to that side of him. We are excited to continue this journey even further with Mr. Richard Yang.

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We hope you will rejoice with us in watching Richard’s Grand Metamorphosis grow throughout his individual journey this time.

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Overview of Richards Fashionable Metamorphosis

As witnessed in our last entry, Richard’s fashion transition improves at SUIT MAKE. Therefore, he becomes closer to realizing his potential as he is left motivated to keep up with his appearance.


Followed by becoming well-versed in knowing which types of styles, fabrics, and other supplies he needs to succeed. We’ve become happy to see how delighted Richard is to have Jen improve his style and overall confidence.


As mentioned in previous article entries, Richard comes from an automotive business background along with some side modeling work. So, this is an exciting experience for him to continue pursuing.


Since he has become the model to this year’s Brand Ambassador Campaign, hopefully others will become motivated by his example. This winter, we are highlighting Richard’s grand metamorphosis in his style.


All in all, at SUIT MAKE, we aim at bettering and developing men’s styles and overall image.



Experimenting with Styles

To commence, Richards most recent visit with Jen resulted in further fashionable development. He got to explore various winter suits, coats, vest, belts, and other products from us.


Each photoshoot consisted of unique looks for Men depending on the occasion, but mostly casual ones as well. All in all, the looks our brand ambassador modeled become an inspiring aspect to witness concerning one’s style progression.


He is successful in emulating seasonal transition wardrobe from Autumn to Winter. One of his greatest metamorphoses so far has been his hair style and overall condition becoming recognized by his peers.



Richard’s Grand Style Metamorphosis

Furthermore, our recent meeting with our Brand Ambassador continues to be stimulating. Richard looks great in our new winter wardrobe accessories and provides excitement for us here at SUIT MAKE.


As we move onto the cooler months of the year and take on new campaigns and looks, Richard style evolves. Plus, we are taking notice his skins natural glow improving because of his use of our skin products. Indeed, our hard-earned efforts are paying off.


To add, Richard is displaying more confidence in his demeanor. As mentioned before, he was hesitant to change his style, but now he is glad he made the decision. As an aspiring Senior Model, Richard is set onto fulfilling his long-time dream in the industry. In essence, his fashion breakthrough becomes beneficial. For example, he now finds himself using cologne on a regular basis.



New Styles and Attitudes Embraced by Richard

Equally important, one main thing Richard desires is to continue working on is learning how to pose. In all, he is happy with his style changing as he is becoming noticed by others around him.


Followed by also feeling more luxurious in terms to his appearance. One of his greatest accomplishment’s in participating with us is him witnessing a positive metamorphosis in his self-assurance.


He desires to work on minor issues to meet his goals, but regardless he is more determined than ever!



Significance of Richards Grand Metamorphosis at SUIT MAKE


In conclusion, this anticipating event has been humbling for us. We got to see and learn more about Richard’s background, style, and overall deamanor progress.


To add, also becoming familiar with how SUIT MAKE consulting services bettered him in the long run. Richard has gained the knowledge of how to dress smart each season making him well off to express his individuality.


Along with maintaining the healthy hydration to his skin amid functioning with Winter and the other seasons. We at SUIT MAKE are cheering for him as he becomes prepared to embrace his goal of a senior model.


It will be interesting to see where he will shine next as he finds himself moving on to other projects. Nonetheless, this grand finale becomes epic! In a fashion sense, Richard becomes a good role model for this year’s campaign because of these reasons.

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