Brand Ambassador Pt. 1: Meet Richard Yang

BY tanisha lakha

Brand Ambassador

We are so excited to welcome  our new brand ambassador for SUIT MAKE, Mr. Richard Yang. Over the course of six months, he will each go through a style transformation from our CEO and style expert, Jen Auh. Jen will give him a full image makeover to improve his overall appearance.

This process started in July and will continue on to December. Every month, Richard will go in to meet Jen as she focuses on different elements to improve on. She will give him her recommendations while getting to know him better. Each meeting will vary from skincare products, wardrobe essentials, and accessories such as belts and shoes. As the process continues, pictures are taken during each meeting to slowly and surely watch the improvement. Our clients are career-driven and highly motivated to improve themselves. Both of our elite brand ambassadors heavily redeem that quality.

Brand Ambassador: Richard

Richard has a dream of becoming a full-time model. He wants to progressively build his portfolio so that he can have a new career as a senior model in 5 years after retiring from his 35+ year long career. To help Richard with his goal, we will recommend to him the best products and wardrobe pieces to give him a fresh new look. With these tips and tricks from Jen, Richard will fulfill his dream and ultimate happiness of being a professional model full time. 

We hope you will join us in watching Richard grow throughout his individual journey. Be sure to check out our accessories, clothing and self-care items. Click here to read part two.

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