Brand Ambassador Part 2: Mr. Richard Yang

BY Tanisha Lakha

Brand Ambassador

Mr. Richard Yang

It has been a few weeks since we started the style transformation for Mr. Richard Yang. This means it’s time for an update. To refresh your memory, Mr. Yang is a senior actor whose main goal is to audition for TV shows and commercials. To succeed at this, he needs to make sure his face is glowing and youthful. Richard has been using a face mask 1-2 times a week especially before photoshoots. He has also been taking the diet coffee for weight loss. It seems that the coffee has been working effectively for weight loss and tastes great. We hope to share even more positive results during our next update.

Richard’s Son

During this meeting, we also got the lovely opportunity to meet with Richard’s son, Nam Young Yang. He is a voice actor and model who’s end goal is to be an actor. He was the one who recommended to Richard to get involved in modeling. We asked Nam Young if he noticed any changes in Richard since he began his journey as brand ambassador. He told us that although the clothing we have isn’t usually his style, he seemed to pull it off quite well. He smoothly transformed into the new style and has adapted it into his daily life.  

We are thrilled to have Richard on board our brand ambassador train. It was wonderful getting to know his son to help understand Richard deeper. Being around familiar faces tends to bring out the most comforting and authentic sides of you. Since Richard had the shoot update with his son, we got an inkling to that side of him. We are excited to continue this journey even further with Mr. Richard Yang.

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