Custom Tailoring and Grooming products for men

BY Gabriel Berreteaga

custom tailoring

Grooming and maintaining an orderly appearance are key to accomplishments in a professional setting. Keep on reading to learn more about custom tailoring and grooming products that you can apply in your daily routine.


In the professional world, a good appearance becomes acknowledged by respect and status. So, with Custom-tailoring – SUIT MAKE, get yourself accustomed to your style that you deserve. Followed by beginning your journey to being a better you.


From coats, shirts, jackets, ties, and suits, there are a seemingly endless number of products to pursue. For instance, our Etzel Socks, Set of 5 give you a good variety of styles to construct while shopping here. Coming in five sets of colors being onyx black, twilight navy, rustic brown, blue marble, and dark sienna. Bringing you more choice for self-representation.

Annatto Hair Oil (British M)

Likewise, there is a grooming set with three important products that aid with maintaining good grooming habits. The products range from cleansing foam, toners, and anti-blemish. Furthermore, the Annatto Hair Oil (British M) protects your hair from sun damage giving you a refreshed glow. Therefore, making your hair soft after the oil absorbs the excess residue. Grooming hair is equally important to skin because it also deals with building your self-image. 

Low pH Scalp Shampoo (Pyukang Yul)

As we come to our final product, grooming becomes more highlighted as the focus shifts to the heart of grooming. Low pH Scalp Shampoo (Pyukang Yul) boasts of removing excess residue on one’s head while natural oils remain intact. This product is another great asset to one’s collection of grooming products because it will leave you rejuvenated. As a result, your hair will be easily prepared to begin the day.

We want the best for you when it comes to your grooming and tailoring habits. Please contact us at