Happy Chuseok From Suit Make

BY Gabriel Berreteaga

Men's style, Chuseok

Another year has slipped through our hands as we find ourselves celebrating Chuseok once again. This week, we will highlight some tips and suggestions to make your holiday pleasant and cherished.

What is Chuseok?

Chuseok is one of Korea’s biggest traditional holidays after Lunar New Year. Translating into “Autumns Eve”, the festivity becomes known as a large harvest celebration that lasts for three days. It is quite an interesting holiday because it primarily focuses on Koreans touring their ancestral hometowns. Followed by sharing large amounts of food with close ones and relatives. It can be compared to the American holiday of Thanksgiving with the same harvest get-togethers, but with opposite histories. For the most part, this celebration is valued and held high as much as its counterparts from across the globe.

How to Stay in Fashion While Attending a Family Event

This Chuseok, we hope you are staying safe amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Though our world has not been the same for nearly two years, this will not stop us from appreciating intimacy. For this special event, we encourage you to try our Custom-tailoring service so you are well-equipped to meet with relatives. Not only does appearing well show responsibility and reliability, but you also leave a lasting impression which motivates others. We at SUIT MAKE encourage you to explore our custom tailoring services as we offer gift promotions this Chuseok. There are a large variety of items to choose from and create to your liking which bring out refined results. For example, if you wear a traditional Hanbok, we can aid you in obtaining an item to compliment your appearance.


Gift Cards for Chuseok

To begin, at SUIT MAKE, we recommend looking into our Gift Card selection to celebrate Chuseok this year. This item makes a lovely and thoughtful present to give to family and friends. Coming in three different colors being blue, silver, and gold, there are a variety of styles to match someone’s personality. Likewise, there is also three variety amounts to place into the gift cards. They range from one hundred, two hundred fifty, and five hundred dollars. Plus, you can pick whichever color card of your liking to put on any of the three mentioned amounts above. All you must do when purchasing is simply enter the recipient’s information along with a personalized message. Once finished, you are set to deliver the item to the recipient. In short, gift cards from SUIT MAKE carry out an exciting and dear experience to use this Chuseok.

Pros of Gift Cards

Last, all gift cards from SUIT MAKE enable action. They are flexible, inspiring, and promote awareness. Altogether, this product makes a nice addition to use in any event regardless of a holiday like Chuseok or Christmas. Especially at this time of the year it becomes a great chance to get your hands on our gift cards. With these cards at hand, you can get good deals on custom-tailored wardrobe or accessories from SUIT MAKE this Chuseok.

Custom Made Ties for Chuseok

At SUIT MAKE, we urge you to purchase our Custom-Made Ties so you can influence others positively this Chuseok. With this product at hand, your ties can be made in any shape, length, and form. To add, all you must do is simply send the dimensions, design, fabric, and pattern demand of your ideal tie. After that information becomes processed, we take care of the entire course of creating your tie. Followed by making sure your superb new tie gets delivered to your home. Details relating to your order are negotiable before collecting your piece. If so, you can contact jen@suitmake.com and resolve any concerns you have for better service. On the upside, your order will also be delivered with free shipping and guaranteed on-time arrival. In sum, Custom Made Ties from SUIT MAKE create an impressive and convenient experience.

Pros of Custom-Made Ties

With Custom-Made ties in mind, some pros range greatly when purchasing from SUIT MAKE. The first would be having your voice heard as personal touch becomes instilled into the making of your tie. Second, comes the fact of having open communication at your expense meaning there are a variety of sources. More specifically, regarding the ways, you can follow up with any inquiries or issues relating to your order. The next is obtaining your product promptly without the inconvenience or worry of losing your tie. Overall, you are in good hands when purchasing custom-made ties from SUIT MAKE. To add, the item and service becomes part of the current gift promotion.


Custom Made Suits for chuseok

This Chuseok at SUIT MAKE, we want to bring out the most outstanding wardrobe preparations for your holiday experience. With our Custom-Made Suit services, we provide a tailor-made suit to your fitting. If there are any custom alterations desired, you can send us your best well-fitted dress pants and jacket. If not, there is also the option of sending your sizes to us. Moreover, we will carefully consider and build a suit that compliments your body’s shape. Of course, to avoid any mistakes, all details will be collected before obtaining your item. Secondly, you can always check in with us by contacting jen@suitmake.com or via Skype/FaceTime to clear any questions. By doing this, we certify that the final product will please your anticipations. As always, your new suit will be delivered with free shipping along with it arriving at a scheduled time. On balance, this item is ideal for gatherings.

Pros of Custom-Made Suits

Equally important, Custom-Made Suits from SUIT MAKE contribute many benefits that make your experience uncomplicated. To illustrate, your signature look becomes a reality with the help of well-versed individuals that aim on meeting your expectations. Another would be maintaining open communication if any issue arises. Next would be the fact of getting special deals on these products this Chuseok when you purchase our gift cards. In either case, taking part in purchasing custom-made suits from SUIT MAKE always leads to satisfying results. This service also relates to the gift promotions we are offering this Chuseok.

Benefits of Custom-Made products and Gift Cards from SUIT MAKE

In conclusion, these three items and services offered by SUIT MAKE establish a pleasant ordeal for Chuseok. It is exciting to be able to create, give, and share intimate moments with your those you hold dear to. Especially in this uncertain era of question and longing. All in all, there are many things to reflect on as we near another year’s end and embrace change. We wish you a happy Chuseok this season and hope you gain some insight into our products and current promotions!

Please feel free to contact us at suit@suitmake.com for any inquiries.