How the science of love can positively influence your date

BY Gabriel Berreteaga

Men's Grooming

In our second part of the Dating Service Collab Campaign at SUIT MAKE, we find ourselves delving further into perception. With the science of love, there is an array of topics to cover. From learning tips on styling hair and which jacket to sport, there comes awareness for winning succession in embracing love.

 Trials of Dating and Love

When it comes to dating, one of the hardest things to face is blending your personal attributes with another. Followed by getting to know in time if you two are compatible with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly would also be identifying if that person positively influences your life. For example, someone who builds you up by supporting most ideas, decisions, and ultimately having your best interest.

For this reason, some relationships fail because they lack these traits. Indeed, this becomes an important factor to input into relationships because it promotes stability and drive. We know no relationship is perfect, but it takes a two-ended effort to successfully thrive. At SUIT MAKE, we advocate for men’s awareness when in the pursuit of finding love. All in all, dating and earning love becomes rewarding when taking the careful steps to achieve the feat.

Quick and Efficient Steps to Style your Hair

Moreover, while in the pursuit of love, we will share some efficient steps to style your hair successfully. To begin, some popular products men can use for hair range from pomades, waxes, gels, creams, and sea salt sprays. Depending on what look you desire to achieve for your date, one convenient product to use is styling creams. They are perfect for pursuing love because they provide the most natural finish result on hair.

They administer a minimum light, shine, and aid in neatening short hairstyles. Another product that will impress your date is pomades. They are especially flexible which brings a wet and glimmery look amidst maintaining a supple result. Pomades are recommended for well-groomed, short, and texturized styles. Next, comes Sea Salt Spray.

This item is incredibly beneficial as it promotes emulating volume and texture, but without the extra debris. Sea Salt Spray is recommended for all hair types. With this information at hand, it becomes evident that your chances of earning love will increase. You will appear neat, polished, and prepared to face your date in style!

Extra tips on Styling Hair

Another factor to consider when styling your hair is also understanding styles that complement certain facial shapes and features. For example, square-faced features should sport shorter styles that outline their appearance. On the other hand, men with more rounded features need to focus on styles that emulate volume. Meaning that they should leave more hair on the top and having slightly less on the sides.

Besides these factors, the best way to find your look is by getting professional advice from one to multiple voices. Find a barber who works best with you and understands your hair’s needs as they can spot improvement to pursue. Along with this information, another important thing is knowing your hair type. No matter the style or look, by becoming aware of what fits your routine, you are adapted to pursuing love. In summary, you are one step closer to achieving success in looking great for your date.

The Must-Have Jacket to Wear on your Date

In like manner, comes the must-have jacket to have when impressing your date. When you are pursuing a potential love interest, you want to make sure that you display poise. This is crucial because it determines the future path to where you want to be concerning love’s grasp. When you look to establish a marriage, you want to show that are capable, mature, and prepared more than anything.

Some types of jackets to wear are leather, denim, parka, and slim topcoats. These are recommended because they are open-ended on almost any occasion. Along with appearing presentable, you want to swoon your date by exciting them to share their time with you. One advantage of beginning the process of love is being able to input various emotions. As always beginnings are usually the most difficult but determine where a relationship will be in the long term.

Bonus Style Tips

Furthermore, some other factors to input into your wardrobe while pursuing love are colognes, aftershave, or face cream. Along with appearing prepared, you want to insight further excitement by providing attractive scents. Studies have shown that certain scents speak to people’s senses by provoking deep emotions, memories, and motivation. With products like these, you are not only practicing good hygiene but also taking care of your skin. In brief, it is a very beneficial and powerful tool to use when dating and pursuing love.

Custom-made jackets

At SUIT MAKE, we offer Custom-Made Jackets that are created and fitted to your liking. With this service, you can customize whichever style, color, and overall look you want amidst the pursuit of love. The process is convenient as it only requires you to send in your best-fitted jacket or size to our team. To add, having the details of your order discussed before collecting your item.


Meaning that your fashion needs are carefully considered when constructing your jacket. You can always check in on your order through many outlets such as Skype, Facetime, or contacting for inquiries. You never have to worry about not having your voice unheard with us. Shipping is always free and sent out within fourteen days. Get yours today for the best date experience!

Benefits of Hair Styling Tips and Must-Have Jackets from SUIT MAKE

In conclusion, from learning hair styling tips and must-have jackets to sport for a date, we become enlightened. Love may be a tricky science to win, but it is worth reaping the benefits. To add, your hard-earned efforts are recognized and blossomed as you embrace love in a mannerly order. We always encourage men to pursue their best selves and positively leaving an influence in society. Followed by becoming role models for others to reference on. Overall, at SUIT MAKE we are cheering for you on your journey as you pursuit love.

Please do not hesitate to visit our website at SUIT MAKE for any inquiries.