how to be attractive

BY tanisha lakha


What does it take to be “attractive?” This is the question all men want answered. What truly makes you attractive is your originality. Focus on the parts of you that make you unique. Follow these steps to look and feel your most attractive.   

Dress well

You have your own individual style. This is what makes you different. Make sure to always have your clothing clean and ironed. Never just take it out of the hamper just because it sort of smells okay. Always have a good selection to choose from in your closet. You should keep a variety of pants, shorts, shirts, suits etc. Women always look to see how a man is dressed.

Eat healthy

Take care of your health. Eat nutritious food and make it a habit to work out a few times a week. Staying in shape not only helps you maintain a good body, but also keeps you active, strong and healthy. Keep your diet balanced with a lot of protein and veggies on a day to day basis. But life is short, so make sure to have your cheat days.

Take care of yourself

Be sure to cover the basics. Shower daily, brush twice a day, wash your hair and so on and so forth. But you also need to go the extra mile. Always take care of your skin and keep your nails short and clean. Keep lotion and cologne handy for whenever you need a little touch up. Avoid the obvious things such as picking your nose or scratching your dandruff in public. If you’re dressed well and smell good but start doing something gross, any woman would immediately turn the other way.

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