How to maintain healthy skin

BY tanisha lakha

24k mask, eye care

Using the right products is an essential part of taking care of your skin. Follow our guide for hydrating products you can use to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Golden Eye 24K Hydrogel Eye Patches

Many people underestimate how important it is to care for the skin under and around your eyes. Your skin is extra delicate in these areas which means it deserves a little more pampering. Golden Eye 24K Hydrogel Eye Patches and hydrating patches which help decrease any signs of aging. The help to lighten and tighten which will give you a nice youthful glow. Simply apply patches under your eyes when they look a little tired. Remove after 20 minutes and apply a moisturizer and serum.

Clarifying Blue Mask

Face masks are relaxing and rejuvenating. The Clarifying Blue Mask removed any dust pollutants and dirt from your skin. The white kaolin clay helps to clarify while the camellia extract, essential oils and jajoba beads create an exfoliating mask. All you have to do is put a thin layer on your entire face excluding eyes and mouth. Gently clean it off and apply another thin layer. After a few minutes, rinse it off and follow up with more skin care products such as toner and moisturizer.

Omega Vegan Healthy Serum

This vegan serum is incredibly nourishing and hydrating for all skin types. The product helps return a youthful glow to your face using complex peptides which increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines. Simply put about 3 drops onto your skin directly. You can also mix it with a gentle moisturizer if you prefer. Slowly rub it in until it is fully soaked up.

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