Make your Summer Journey more stylish with Suit Make

BY tanisha lakha

swim trunks

The season of summer brings sun, swimming pools and beaches. Nothing sounds better than laying on a sandy beach and getting a nice sun glow. While you venture to different summer activities, make sure you look fashionable in your choice of swim wear. Make your summer journey more stylish with SUIT MAKE.

Swim Trunk background

SUIT MAKE features super stylish swim shorts from a brand called BANDOFCOLORS. This Korean company specializes in the production of both men underwear and swimwear. They are more specifically known for offering a wide range of colors to perfectly match every man’s taste. Their swim trunks are made from 100% polyester and are priced at $70.

Types of Trunks

SUIT MAKE features six cool styles of swim trunks for you to pick and choose from. Rather than shopping at a regular store where everyone shops, try out these original designs and stand out all summer long. The Zig Zag Printed Red Swim Shorts are bright and fun. The pattern gives the shorts an edginess that men need in their style. Wear them with a simple white tee and you will have an outfit ready for a BBQ or a dip in the pool. These trunks are extremely versatile. They are so stylish that they almost look like they could be regular shorts.

It’s always good to have a bright pair like the red one mentioned above, and another simple color such as navy. The Dark Navy Swim Shorts have a small silver button on the front of the trunks. This gives them a casual effect making them look like normal shorts. Pair them with a white or yellow tee and you have yourself the perfect summer outfit. Shop SUIT MAKE swim today to make your summer journey more stylish.


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