Men's gift giving guide for the holiday season

BY gabriel berreteaga

Gift Guide for Christmas illustration by SUIT MAKE

In the third edition of our 25 Days until Christmas Campaign, at SUIT MAKE we highlight the virtue of charity. Our Men’s Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays promises to stimulate your minds for improvising the best gifts to bestow.


Gift Giving in the Holidays

Christmas and the holidays are some of the most festive seasons to celebrate and experience. Our Men’s Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays is sure to motivate you.

This season at SUIT MAKE we are going to cover some interesting techniques to follow when gift-giving. The first element to keep in mind is requesting a wish list from your recipients.

This is the most time-saving and stress-reducing procedure to follow because you can get things finished conveniently. The second is including interaction with your gift. For example, you can book an Airbnb to a long-desired destination and equally celebrate it with your giftee.

The third is purchasing recurring items that benefit everyone. One example is a SUIT MAKE Gift Card.

They are flexible, exciting, and can be used to purchase any item or service on our website. At SUIT MAKE, we guide you on creating a humbling experience as you prize one gift to the next.


Consideration Factors in Gift Giving

Equally important, comes the careful attention to detail put into obtaining the perfect gift for Christmas. The holidays can become tricky in terms of scavenging in what seems like almost everywhere, but it isn’t impossible.

One guide to follow when gift-giving is getting to know more about the recipient’s background or needs. For example, if your Uncle Richard is currently working on maintaining his skin, you can purchase him a skincare product.

Getting to know more about the giftee’s background is important because you have the advantage of brightening their day faster. Another factor to follow when gift-giving is the environment of the moment, giftees receive their gift.

This plays another crucial role in gift-giving during the holidays and Christmas because it stands as a catalyst to memories. This is the beauty of the holiday because it creates an aesthetic that they can always look back to.

golden eye 24k Hydrogel eye patches (soon Skincare)

Our first item to be featured in this edition is the Golden Eye 24k Hydrogel Eye Patches (Soon Skincare). This item makes the perfect gift to give to your close ones this Christmas and holiday season.

The eye patches promote hydration and increase blood flow to the skin. With this at hand, the skin improves elasticity and reduces the rate of lost collagen.

All it requires is cleansing your face before putting the item on. From there you have it for fifteen to twenty minutes and afterward, apply moisturizer over the skin.

It is extremely beneficial, upbuilding, and perfect to obtain during the holidays. Purchase yours today!

slimplanet Xanthigen 600MG goodnight diet (Pack of 3)

 The second item we guide you to purchase for the holidays is Slimplanet Xanthigen 600mg Goodnight Diet (pack of 3).  This supplement increases basal metabolism and provides 400kCal while promoting a good night’s sleep.

It only needs to be taken once a day before sleeping. For one hundred and forty-five dollars, you can have three pacts of the product!

This also provides the perfect item to give to close ones this Christmas as there it shows consideration. Don’t miss out on this special deal in the holidays. Buy today!

Custom-made Coats

Third, comes our stylish, cozy, and smart Custom-Made Coats by SUIT MAKE. As Custom-Tailoring becomes one of our main functions for Men’s fashion, we promote this for Christmas.

The holidays pose as some of the busiest and festive times, but you need the perfect coat to survive. Our coats are fitted to your liking as you can customize any detail regarding the composition of your coat.

The only thing you need to do is provide your best-fitted coat or size when ordering. From there, our team of experts carefully examines your request and applies them to action.

If any concerns or last-minute ideas arise, you can always contact us through Facetime, Whatsapp, or Shipping is also free and can be delivered globally. Compose your perfect look for Christmas and survive the holidays in style. Book your consultation today!

gentle black sugar facial (Dear Klairs)

Lastly, in Men’s Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays theme, we are promoting the Gentle Black Sugar Facial (Dear Klairs). This product serves as a gentle facial scrub that clears blackheads and skin cells away.

To add, the item controls dry patches and results in having skin moisturized. For anyone looking to improve or maintain their skin’s natural glow, this is for you.

Skin is one of the most important organs in the body to look after as it reflects our habits and health. Treat and take care of yourself this Christmas season with our skincare guide of accessories available at SUIT MAKE.

This also makes another great addition to give as a gift this Christmas and in the holidays. Purchase yours today!

 Benefits of Men’s Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays

In conclusion, by improvising, being considerate, and flexible, you can achieve the best gift to give for the holidays. Christmas plays a large role in many lives and by making the right steps, you become rewarded.

The saying of “There is more joy in giving than receiving” is true because, at the end of the day, your part is finished. We aspire to create the best guide for you to follow when it comes to gift-giving.

In the third edition of our Christmas campaign, we conclude this theme with excitement and anticipation. Our fourth edition of 25 Days until Christmas campaign will be our last, but it is going to be epic!

We hope the best of luck in your gift-giving endeavors this holiday season! If you have any concerns or questions, contact us at

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