Men's holiday style guide 2021

BY gabriel Berreteaga

Men's Holiday Style by SUIT MAKE

As you prepare yourself for many exciting social outings, time becomes highlighted. This is espcially important because you want to build an experience worth the journey as you celebrate the holidays. Today we will be going over Men’s Holiday Style Guide 2021.

Adapting to Holiday Weather in Style

As many as you know, the holiday climate is dominated by frigid conditions. At SUIT MAKE, we will be providing a Men’s Holiday Style Guide 2021. 


Furthermore, you will become more versed in learning how to gear yourself for the festivities to be attended. One tip to emulate when adapting to holiday weather is to find your right fitting.


This is a crucial step in achieving the feat because you want to be comfortable when styling yourself. For example, if you are attending a cabin or rooftop party, you want to make sure your outfit is multilayered.


By following this example, you will not fall short of appearing well in a fashionable manner. Another element to imply when adapting to holiday weather is seeking waterproof material.


Chances are that you will find yourself becoming wet as you step through snow or travel while raining.



Extra tips for Men’s style adaption in Holiday weather

Besides layering and keeping dry during the holiday season, comes the types of material to use when adapting. In our Men’s Holiday Style Guide 2021 campaign, we are advocating for a smooth transition.


To illustrate, we suggest that you purchase a jacket made of wool or wool-blend material. They are moisture-resistant and fire-proof while at the same time providing extra comfort for holiday weather.


In addition, they have a reputation for having a longer lifespan than other jackets of various materials. Equally important, Polyester is a good material as well, but it is not recommended for holiday weather.


So please do not make the mistake of styling a polyester jacket this festive season. Another tip to emulate is fashionably adapting the color patterns. The holidays and its climate are full of vibrant and colorful hues so try to experiment with these tones.



Four Outfit Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays in Colder Weather

To begin, we will commence on four ideas to sport during the holidays regarding men’s wardrobe  and other styling facets. From two formal and two informal looks, we hope you get stimulated to brew ideas for your holiday event.


For a formal setting, we suggest wearing a handsome suit with appropriate coloring that matches the theme of the event. Ties are essential and a formal stamp for men’s styling so keep this close. To add, you can also add in one of our belts for achieving that classic look. Followed by topping it all with perfectly shined shoes.


On the other hand, one informal look is wearing a chic sweater. This is a great item to have because of its flexibility to blend in any social setting.


If you are in a colder climate, you can also go for a coat of any size and length. Just remember to look for wool and cotton types as they provide the most heat.



Additional Men’s Holiday Styling Tips

Aside from the two examples above, comes a new formal look recommendation. The second and last formal look consists of a smartly layered tuxedo.


With the proper Cufflinks and Lapel Pins you will ooze the essence of a true gentleman in your holiday event. When it comes to men’s styling, little things make a big impact on the total outcome.


All accessories play a role in creating your final look. Last, comes our final informal look for men’s holiday settings. The informal look consists of a smart fitted blazer and a scarf.


You can also add mittens or a beanie if it makes you more comfortable as well. All in all, with these holiday weather looks, styling for men’s image has never been easier.

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Men’s styling becomes rewarding with persistence, experimentation, and patience.

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Significance of Men’s Guide to Styling for the Holidays

From layering, adapting, and emulating confidence in the holiday season, we end on realization. Our Men’s Holiday Style Guide 2021 campaign strives to build, motivate, and encourage men to grow.

Styling can be tricky in the holiday season as we come across many people, but that should only push us. More than anything, it should leave us focused on the big picture which is living in the moment.

In truth, time is unforgiving so make the best you have of it by preparing your fashionable knowledge and expanding. Overall, we hope you enjoy yourselves in this festive holiday season at SUIT MAKE.

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