men's winter wardrobe essentials | 2021 fashion tips

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As we face another exciting and compelling winter season, at SUIT MAKE we will provide many style tips. This winter 2021-2022, we want to progress your wardrobe and total fashionable image. From Coats, Jackets, and many more accessories, you will become knowledgeable on what styles to wear for the office!

Men’s Winter Wardrobe Examination

As you may know, winter can become challenging to keep up with. The weather tends to be the coldest and most unpredictable making Men’s everyday style’s an ongoing project. Although this tends to be a more relaxing and reflective period, there is also room for growth. To illustrate, men can sport more sweaters, turtlenecks, jackets, coats, beanies, gloves, and scarves.

Indeed, the objective is to become comfortable, practical, warm, and overall fashionable. Some challenges to men’s winter wardrobe can be not carrying essential products like umbrellas. Despite appearing well-dressed for the weather, it is crucial to also be prepared for natural surprises like rain, hail, etc. All in all, at SUIT MAKE, we advocate for providing the smallest and important wardrobe accessories for men to thrive.

Winter Styling Guide for the Office

Furthermore, we suggest for you to keep an open mind when considering the possibilities of winter wardrobe to wear. To further elude, in a professional setting, you want to appear presentable yet relaxed on a good balance. When considering what to wear in an office setting, keep these three factors in mind being, “Need”, “Want”, and “Unnecessary”. These are important because you want to keep things minimal while being efficient.

For example, if you wanted to take a raincoat to go along with your suit or blazer, make it convenient. Try not to overload yourself with the extra weight of layers that distract your performance and commute. At work, we want to properly represent our company fashionably. This is a good tip to practice. As we delve further into many products offered by SUIT MAKE, you will see some intriguing insights and ideas.



Custom-made coats by suit make

To begin, we provide Custom-Made Coats that are specifically tailored to your fitting. This service is one of the core functions to SUIT MAKES purpose. We are a Custom-Tailor based company that provides a handful of Custom-Made products from shirts, jackets, ties, pants, and coats. Regardless of the need, you will become better equipped to meeting your winter wardrobe goals.

 All you must do is send your coat size or your best fitting coat to us. From there we will work hard to create the best product that fits your body figure well. Regarding your order, you can always check up with us through many outlets such as Skype, Facetime, and

With this information at hand, you can clarify any issue, concern, or further ideas you have with our production team. Plus, shipping is free! In essence, this is a beneficial product to inquire into for your Winter office wardrobe.

scarves, purple/teal

Next, comes our Scarves, Purple/Teal product. This scarf makes a perfect winter accessory to implement into your office wardrobe as it is comfortable and convenient. To add, SUIT MAKES scarves are created in collaboration with Korean artist Yoanna Lee. They are equally unique in design and promote originality.


Scarves are an essential item to include in winter office attire because you are better prepared in combating the elements. Moreover, when you sign up with us on our website SUIT MAKE , you will be better informed. Apart from that, you also get better inside information on new projects and similar items like this one. In sum, with a scarf in hand for your winter look, you can shine in style.

duvalais grey belt

Last, comes our DuValais Grey Belt item. Manufactured and hailing from Switzerland, the company of Duvalais becomes prominent globally for its wool belts. This belt makes an excellent choice to incorporate into Men’s office winter wardrobe as the color is neutral. In an office setting, it is always best to choose specific colors that are not too flashy or aggressive. By pursuing cool, calm, and neutral colors like grey, it becomes a good first step in the process.

Another special feature of this belt by Duvalais is that it is extremely flexible and durable. Meaning that no matter your lifestyle, it becomes accustomed to wear and tear. In short, you will not fall behind on improving your winter office style.

Bonus Office Winter Style Tips

In addition to winter essential products to implement into your wardrobe comes extra tips on keeping warm and appearing sharp. In this case, we go over shoes. As you may know, shoe appearance in a professional setting is paramount because they complement your outfit. Therefore, you must keep them spotless especially in the winter seasons.

One suggestion is inquiring into ankle boots which give the image of a well-maintained shoe but keep feet warm. Aside from shoes, another item to include in your winter wardrobe is a signature pair of leather gloves. Gloves play a vital role in office settings because not only do they emulate professionalism and glamor, but also readiness. With these in hand, you can obtain various styles and functions to aid you to face the elements. To illustrate, some gloves boast features of being waterproof and providing Thinsulate which protects above all.

Benefits of Men’s Winter 2021-2022 Wardrobe at SUIT MAKE

In close, from Custom-Made Coats, innovative scarves, and stylish belts, men can choose a variety of winter essential products. Followed by properly incorporating knowledge and expertise learned into their evolving winter styles. Despite winter being an environmentally challenging time to manage through in whichever city you face, there is hope for improvement. At SUIT MAKE, there are always new insights to gain information regarding your style. No matter the season, we are adapted, flexible, and ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. On balance, we wish you a happy and productive winter 2021-2022 season!

Please don’t hesitate to visit us on our website for more information at SUIT MAKE.