Men's winter wardrobe essentials | Survival accesories

BY Gabriel Berreteaga

Winter wardrobe for men

Welcome to our second and final edition of our Men’s Winter Wardrobe essentials | Survival Accessories campaign. This week we will be highlighting casual wear trends and must-have products for hair care this invigorating season!

Winter Wardrobe Survival

As you are aware, we are near the winter solstice. Meaning that this new and energizing season is here. When it comes to composing different layouts of styles to adapt to this period, one thing to pursue is determination. 

This is an essential key to success in surviving the winter month because it promotes readiness. There is a saying in Sweden that states “One can face all elements if they only possess the right wardrobe”.

With this information at hand, it becomes clear that we must be versed in knowing how to adapt. To further elude, it is crucial on becoming knowledgeable in layering your wardrobe for winter.

 For example, you may want to begin with a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck as a core. Followed by adding the final touch of a coat/jacket. This becomes one of many ideas to emulate. In sum, gearing up accordingly is important for survival.

Keeping up with Casual Wear Trends for Winter

To begin, 2021 brings further innovation for many as it promotes individualism in an uncertain yet hopeful era. To illustrate, our first casual winter trend for men is oversized outwear. 

Now that the temperature is rapidly dropping, Men want to sport-confidence with comfort. Some popular items range from slouchy overcoats and lengthy parkas which promote these attributes.

Another current trend for winter is lux loungewear. These are incredibly beneficial for 2021 because now that many people are accustomed to working from home, appearance becomes crucial. 

As we progress with the digital twenties’ decade, this item finds itself on our top list of trending wear. Moreover, our third item is technical jackets. 

These are interesting because their popularity is becoming more recognized. They promote flexibility and convenience in facing the elements as well as serving as a middle layer item for warmth. In turn, these products ensure stability for winter.

 Must-Have Products for Hair Care in Winter

Winter may be one of the most open-ended seasons as you can never tell what type of weather will occur. From being both extremely cold where your hands burn with numbness or just stormy, your hair’s health becomes also crucial. 

Hair is like our second skin because it is also something that plays a large role in our appearance. Hair is also an expression of one’s personality and overall soul since it highlights character.

With the appropriate care and attentiveness, you can brace the elements in style. No matter the temperature or setting, we at SUIT MAKE advocate for your hair’s best interest. 

As we move further into this campaign, we will see how some of our products can help. Followed by setting the right path to survive winter and the physical challenges it plays on hair’s health and appearance.

annatto hair oil (British M)

At SUIT MAKE, we are promoting the Annatto Hair Oil (British M). This item is extremely helpful in combatting the unpredictable elements of winter. 

It strives to moisturize, protect, and sustain hair from UV damage. It is convenient as the oil absorbs efficiently on time which leaves with a satisfying result. 

The oil does not have a heavy or greasy feeling which is perfect for those with a constant on-the-go lifestyle. All you must do is pump the product once or twice a day to damp or dry hair. 

With this at hand, you will become set on beginning your day with assurance and comfort. Winter is less susceptible to sunlight, but the sun’s harmful rays persist. 

You want to be protected and certain that your hair’s health is in good hands. Overall, we highly recommend this item as it becomes a must-have for your grooming collection.

More Hair Care Products for Winter

Besides these interesting set of items, there is also a couple of more items to suggest for your winter wardrobe. For example, conditioners are another advantageous product to have this winter season. 

They are perfect because they prevent dry brittle hair from occurring. Another is them constantly working to rejuvenate and hydrate which leaves a silky result.

Unlike shampoo that is aimed at cleansing, conditioners always strive for renewal. Another product to always include for winter or any season is sea salt spray. 

As mentioned before, this item helps with keeping control of hair direction. So, this is one to always keep in your grooming collection. 

The last item on our list would be clay. This is great for maintaining texture as wearing a hat doesn’t influence appearance much. 

It is a real winter gem that does more building than the complete opposite. Explore and discover your products accustomed to you! On balance, these items become additional and valuable tools to use to survive winter.

Benefits of Men’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Survival

In conclusion, from becoming well-versed in layering, keeping up with trends, and lastly getting must-have hair products, we grow. There is always something to gain insight from for every season concerning style and grooming. 

Winter may hold a wheel of emotions for many, but regardless the objective stays the same regarding wardrobe-essentials. Survival is crucial to pursue progress and livelihood, but it should not stop you from its challenges.

Part of that reason should excite you because to see change, you must make differences in your routines. You too deserve to shine and manifest your best wardrobe styles and overall confidence. 

This is the essence of SUIT MAKE and we want to be that figure for you to follow. Stay safe, productive, and positive this winter season as you witness style development. As always, you can contact us through various outlets such as Skype, Whatsapp, and email.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our website today at SUIT MAKE.