National Liberation Day of Korea

BY tanisha lakha

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Understanding National Liberation Day of Korea

Around the world, different countries and cities celebrate important days in history. Undoubtedly, August 15th is a very important day in Korea. During 1919-1945, Korea became a colony of Japan. Evidently, this was an extremely difficult time for all Koreans. Finally, in 1945 on August 15th, Korea was finally freed from the Japanese rule. Today, this day is known as the National Liberation Day of Korea. Since this day is considered a holiday in Korea, they celebrate with different activities and events every single year. You can celebrate this iconic day with us at SUIT MAKE. We wanted to share some knowledge with you on one of our favorite skin care products made in Korea. This product is known as the Meditamin Snow Glow face mask.

Korean Skin Care Product

The Meditamin Snow Glow is an incredible skin care product made in Korea. The goal of this premium sheet mask is to give you luminous skin. It is great for sensitive skin as well as moisturizing and brightening. One of the best parts of this mask, is that it uses primarily plant-based ingredients. Some of the ingredients which are included in the product are Vitamin B3, Kiwi-water and Gattefosse Renew. 

All you have to do it wash your face and clean it up gently with some toner. Next, remove the sheet from packet and put it onto your face. After 20 minutes pass, take the sheet off and lightly pat face so that the product can fully absorb into skin. One packet contains give masks in total and only costs $85.00. It is the simplest and most perfect rejuvenating step after a long day at work. Since it comes in a pack of five, you will be able to use this for an entire work week.

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