new year's resolution 1: Self Care Resolutions for New Year's 2022

BY Gabriel Berreteaga

A man picks up skincare products

2022, a year of innovation and great anticipation begins on a high note. In our New Year’s Resolution: Self Care Resolution for New Year’s 2022, we will learn of many beneficial styling techniques. 

From skin care, grooming, body care, and overall healthy living, there comes an encompassing effect on our self-image.

New Year’s Fashion Guide

As we commence our first New Year’s Resolution: Self-Care Resolution campaign, we focus on building up style. With a chance to start a new year, there comes a vast number of ideas to emulate on.


For example, experimenting with new trends and seasonal looks that compliment your developing image. Currently, winter becomes the dominant season, but that doesn’t mean that it is too early to play with Spring looks.


To illustrate, if the weather is nice on a February day, you can sport a lightweight blazer or bomber jacket. Followed by wearing dark jeans, a neutral-toned shirt, and comfortable shoes to complement your new look.


For a more formal look, you can also sport a navy coat over a black suit, and brown leather shoes. This provides a refined finish that shows you are ready to take on the new year.

In all, your resolution should focus on embracing a new you.


Self-Love and Care

Equally important, is pursuing self-care for your overall appearance and inner core. Now is the time to let go of old things that held you restrained and finally move on.


To improve yourself, you must begin with self-care. At SUIT MAKE , we offer a variety of Grooming and Self-Care products to aid you in completing New Year’s resolutions.


To add, you can also take advantage of several Services that aim at improving your style and fashion-related goals. One major service we highlight here is Custom-tailoring .


They are extremely beneficial for building and embracing a new you this New Year’s. One of the most vital aspects of starting a new year is becoming prepared for inevitable change.


To illustrate, the change of the weather, relocation of residence, or sometimes a new office to work in. All in all, you want to be prepared for what is to come and embrace everything with morale. 

grooming kit set of 3

The first item that we suggest for New Year’s is the Grooming Kit, Set of 3. This product is not only unique but also very valuable for completing new years resolutions.


It consists of cleansing foam, toner, and blemish cream that completes the job of skincare for a day. You can take it anywhere as it becomes adaptable to travel size baggage.


This creates the perfect grooming experience for men to apply and use in their skincare regime as they progress. To add, embracing a new you begins with the first steps of self-care. Purchase today!

bifida mineral water cream (Georganic)

The second item for meeting New Year’s Resolution is the Bifida Mineral Water Cream (Georganic). This item is perfect for embracing a new version of you as it removes dead skin cells and renews appearance.


The core ingredients originate from Galactomyces and yeast which provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals for the skin. To add, it gives moisture and hydrates with revitalizing properties.


Overall, with its renewing and cleansing effects, the result of your skin will become clear and radiant. Get yours today!

slimplanet D.I.Y Vitamin Water (Pack of 3)

The third product featured for our New Year’s resolution campaign is the Slimplanet D.I.Y. Vitamin Water (pack of 3). Aside from skincare and fashion for progressing a new you, there also comes the importance of health.


Without a balanced set of health, there is no proper function to anything. For this reason, we are suggesting you inquire into this valuable item because it delivers exactly what you need.


The Slimpack D.I.Y Vitamin Water produces refreshing and recharging effects that overall boost the immune system. Its duty is delivering low sodium foaming powder and promoting mainly anti-oxidizing properties.


The natural ingredients are made up of nine natural vitamins with lemons and herbs. Another is having a “Stevia” a natural sweetener used to give this product its signature flavor.

Besides this, it is recommended to take one to two sticks of this product a day in your drink. Find this to complete your new year’s resolution and embrace a new you. Buy today!

Slimplanet L-carnitine 2000mg exercise booster (Pack of 3)

Our final product to be highlighted is the Slimplanet L-carnitine 2000mg Exercise Booster (pack of 3). This product promoted by SUIT MAKE makes the perfect item to treat yourself with as we commence the new year.


We know one of the most important things many strive for is the improvement or recovery of exercise habits. Whatever the case, we are here to help you reach your goal with this product.


The Slimplanet L-carnitine 2000mg Exercise Booster (Pack of 3) increases body workout performance. Another is recovering at an easier rate from fatigue that follows with rigorous activity.


All you must do is take three capsules twice per day before meals or your exercise session. Complete your new year’s resolution by improving your overall health this New Year’s.


Get yours today!

Significance of Self-Care and a New You during New Year’s

In conclusion, from skincare, new styles, and fashion trends, then lastly overall health, there comes motivation. New Year’s resolutions serve as a great milestone for many to conquer because it highlights endurance and strength.

Followed by reaping the positive benefits you have been striving for. No matter the time frame, there is always room for improvement and getting things done.

Do not feel despair if it does not occur as fast as anticipated. If you see small signs of progress, that is what matters.

Regardless, each of your individual journeys varies but aligns with the goal of meeting a success. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at

Happy New Year’s and good luck in your endeavors!

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