Preventing breakouts from face masks

BY tanisha lakha

face mask, breakouts

Thanks to a certain pandemic known as coronavirus, we are forced to wear masks everywhere we go for several hours at a time. Because of this, dirt and sweat collects around our nose, cheeks and chin causing itchy skin and breakouts. Skin care is a crucial part of self care as it is, but with masks being part of our daily lifestyle, it is even more important than before. Try out these products to help prevent breakouts from face masks.


Preventing Breakouts Step 1:

Cleansing your face daily keeps it clean and fresh. Use the all in one P.I.T Cleansing Milk to help ensure the dirt and impurities are completely gone from your face. This formula helps keep your skin stay moisturized and purified. Apply it to your face when it’s dry and rinse off after a few minutes. Pat dry your skin very gently. Be sure to keep using this product daily for clean skin.

sugar scrub


Preventing Breakouts Step 3:

After cleaning your skin, usually the next step would be to moisturize. However, we recommend adding oil to your face before the lotion. The 1899 Signature Oil improves signs of aging. It’s ingredients include ginseng root oil, jojoba seed oil and almond oil. Apply it to your skin right before moisturizer over your entire face and lightly pat to make sure it gets fully soaked up.

cleansing milk

Preventing Breakouts Step 2:

Scrubbing away the dirt off of your face can be done best with exfoliation. The Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is an incredible product which works wonders for your skin. The black sugar particles work to clean up any blackheads or dead skin cells. The product also controls dry patches leaving you feeling hydrated. Apply it to your face about once or twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. Mix it with water and gently massage it in. After a few minutes, rinse it off.

signature oil

Breakouts are the worst. We want to make sure you feel good and confident all the time. Try any of these recommended products or take a look at our skin care page on SUIT MAKE for more. To learn more about Men’s styling, grooming, dating and lifestyle, download the Clubhouse app and follow @jen.auh.