Suit Make Interview With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

BY Teanna lu

suit make

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is one of our lovely partners here in Korea. Their company focuses on a cosmetic concierge service for travelers around the world who visit Korea for cosmetic surgery procedures. They offer full guidance from booking your flight to your final departure and everything in between. We had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of Seoul Cosmetic Surgery’s interns. To get to know a little more about SUIT MAKE and how we all started, keep on reading.


How did SUIT MAKE start?

Jen Auh, founder and CEO of SUIT MAKE worked heavily in the fashion and beauty industry for 20 years. After her experience and simply helping her friends improve their dress and appearance, she knew there was a market for image consulting. By giving fashion advice, her friends had more confidence, work promotions, relationships, and overall, better opportunities. Jen found that there was a need for this service and created SUIT MAKE.


When did SUIT MAKE start?

SUIT MAKE started in September in 2017. Jen lived in New York as a creative director before she moved to Korea 3 years ago. She traveled around to find the best location to start her company and decided Seoul was the best place to do it. The services SUIT MAKE offers include image consulting, custom tailor wardrobe, personal branding, personal shopping, and more. With a full 360 service, we help men improve their lifestyle overall.


How do we define our brand?

SUIT MAKE is very personalized focusing on our customer service. Per client, each individual has a personal need. We customize wardrobe, lifestyle tips, wellness, diet, and even interior design to each individual. 


What is the vision for our brand? 

Jen Auh started this company as a passion. Helping men transition to a better lifestyle. 

She understands how busy men can be. They don’t have time to take care of personal things due to the time dedicated to work. We take care of everything for them by knowing what they need the most and how it can fit their lifestyle. By doing this, we help them reach their personal goals and needs. 


How does SUIT MAKE differ from competitors? 

Instead of going through multiple steps and talking to multiple people, we cover everything in a one stop shop. A full 360 service that offers image consulting and designing of your custom wardrobe. We choose the pattern, color, fit and style because we know what will suit you best while correlating with your career development. 


Can you expand on your Korean Designers? 

Jen Auh is the designer behind the company but we have production with Korean seamstress and tailors. They are masters with many years of experience which is one of the reasons Jen decided to start her business here in Korea. She traveled to places like Italy and Japan to seek the perfect place to start this custom tailoring business. Korea was able to provide a quick turnaround without compromising the quality in just 14 business days. 


To conclude the interview, SUIT MAKE hopes to continue a successful partnership with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery. In working together we hope to accomplish a full service for men. In combination with SCS who have the best doctors and clinics and SUIT MAKE who have master seamstress and tailors we can provide the best for our clients. If this sparked your interest after learning more about our company, feel free to contact us regarding any services we offer. We are always happy to assist, until next time!