SUIT MAKE Pouches are the travel accessory you need

BY tanisha lakha

SM pouch

Do you need a masculine stylish bag which both looks good and holds your items? Well we’ve got you covered with our exclusive SUIT MAKE pouches. Trust us, you need this item in your life as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn about the travel accessory you can’t leave without.

For work

Jen Auh and Yoanna Lee combined their creative minds and skills to innovate gorgeous pouch patterns. The pouches are equally charming and useful. With calm hues such as grey, blue and pale yellow, the patterns are extremely appealing. Using them for work is ideal because they aren’t too bold or distracting. They are perfect for when you are on the go, running to different meetings. Simply gather your belongings and nicely pack them into the pouch. Effortlessly stylish and accommodating without even trying.

For leisure

When going on a trip, this pouch is perfect for carrying important items in your carry on. It’s super thin and large making it easy to fit plenty of items without making it too cluttered. When you are out and about on your trip, the pouch is easy to take around to different events, restaurants or activities. With its’ stunning colors and designs, this pouch makes a statement with your outfit. It shows that you know how to dress to impress and nothing less. When people see you with this pouch, they know you don’t just roll out of bed and throw on a random shirt and jacket. They know you put thought and effort into your lifestyle, self-care, and style. You will radiate of dominance and masculinity.

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