The Product To Use To Fix A Patchy Beard

BY Teanna Lu

Patchy Beard

Correct me if I am wrong but I like to think that men like the look of facial hair because it portrays maturity and dominance. If you are trying to grow facial hair or have been for a while, you may have experienced the struggle of a patchy beard. Inconsistent hair growth can alter the look of your beard. I have found the solution with a product that will help you out.


Use A Cosmetic Pencil to Draw Hair

Similar to how women would use a pencil to fill in their eyebrows, men can use the same product to fill in the stubble. The product I am recommending you to use is Benefit Badgal Bang 24 Hour Eyeliner Pencil. This specific product comes in 4 different shades. In the event that the colors offered do not match the color of your hair, use a color from a different brand that does. The beauty of eyeliner is that it comes in a large variety of colors to match any hair color you may have.


How To Use The Product to Fill In the Patch

1. Select an eyeliner pencil that matches the color of your hair to fill in your patchy beard.

2. Trim the hairs of your beard so you can visibly see the sparse areas. Doing this step before you begin will help you see the specific area that needs the most product application.


3. Take the pencil and gently create soft brush like strokes to mimic hair growth. You do not need to apply harsh pressure because we are going for a soft subtle look.


4. Do small sections at a time, little by little till you create your desired look.


Not everyone is able to grow a perfectly full beard. From this article, you can see how easy it is to create hair like strokes on your own. All it takes is a few seconds at the start of your day to fill in little patches in your mustache/beard. Doing this will give a more complete and polished look to your appearance. To see the products being used in action, take a look at our youtube video. That is all I have for you today, come back next week for a new blog article on more product recommendations. Until next time!