Weekend Getaway Accessories

BY tanisha lakha

weekend getaway accessories

It’s almost time to go! Before you leave for your weekend getaway, make sure you’ve packed your final few touches. Accessories are a huge part of completing any look. These three accessories are extremely essential for your weekend getaway.


Other than obviously being able to hold your pants up, belts are a great accessory for spicing up your outfit. With so many options of styles and colors, you can wear them with either shorts or pants. Choose a bold color such as red and blue for a pop. For a more chilled look, wear black or brown. Check out SUIT MAKE’s amazing and refreshing belt collection for a variety of options.

Summer scarves

When some people think of scarves, they assume it’s an item used for cold weather to keep you warm. While this is the case for the fall or winter, fashion scarves are super stylish for the spring or summer. When you’re wearing something simpler, a scarf with a bold pattern or color will brighten it right up. See our array of gorgeous scarves here.


SUIT MAKE pouches are one of the best items you could possibly bring to your weekend getaway. An incredible collab by Yoanna Lee X SUIT MAKE, these designs and colors are very unique. Pack your accessories and smaller items in the pouch and easily fit it in your suitcase. You can also carry it around during your vacation in replacement of a wallet. Don’t leave for your trip without it!

We want to make sure you have everything you need for your trip without the stress of under or over packing. These tips will definitely help smooth out the process and make it much easier for you. Please feel free to contact us anytime via email at suit@suitmake.com.