Your Guide for Summer “Do Nots”

BY tanisha lakha

summer guide

As the summer is right around the corner, it’s time to get yourself and your travel bag ready to look and feel your best. We want to protect you from bad skin, posture and pretty much anything negative for you. Follow our guide of “Do nots” for the summer.

#1 Do not eat unhealthy

First up on our guide for “Do nots” is unhealthy eating. Although you deserve to splurge on delicious food this summer, try to keep it at a minimum. We want to make sure you look and feel healthy always. After all, your health is truly the most important part of self-care. Avoid greasy, fatty and fried foods. If you want to have cheat days once in a while, that is completely understandable. However, the key is moderation. Stock up on veggies, protein and water to be at your healthiest. Be active and eat healthy for a longer life. Try out the Slimplanet Calo Crush Good Day Diet supplement to help reduce Triglyceride while also removing fat.

#2 Do not wear flip flops

Second on our “Do not” guide is uncomfortable footwear. If there is one shoe that you should avoid this summer, it’s the flip flop. Yes, they are easiest to put on, take off and wear to the beach. However, short time comfort makes for long term disaster. Flip flops do not support your heel at all. They exhaust your legs which tend to make you lazy. In terms of style, this shoe just makes you look plain tired and sloppy. Which so many shoe options out there, flip flops should not be anywhere near your wardrobe. We recommend a nice pair of loafers as the best shoe for you.

#3 Do not touch your face

Lastly on our “Do Not” guide is touching your face. As you already know, we care about your skin. We want you to always look moisturized, clean and hydrated. When you’re out and about, you don’t realize what you’re touching. Even if you’re just at home, you could be touching a number of things without realizing. The amount of germs sitting on your hands continues to pile sometimes even after washing. Do NOT touch your face! It will lead to terrible breakouts and unhealthy skin. Make sure to apply the Bifida Mineral Water Cream to bring out clear skin while reducing irritation.

We hope you find this “Do Not” summer guide helpful.

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