Your Summer Hair Care Guide

BY tanisha lakha

hair care

Taking care of your hair during the summer is super important. You will spend so much time in the pool and sun that sometimes taking the time to make sure your hair is in good condition is easy to forget. We are here to make sure that your luscious locks stay silky, clean and of course, healthy. Keep on reading for your summer guide to the best hair care products.

Guide step 1: Cleaning

Did you know that having the best shampoo for your hair type is extremely important? You don’t want to get an itchy scalp or hair fall do you? We recommend this Low pH Scalp Shampoo by Pyukang Yul for beautiful hair. This is a deep cleansing low-pH shampoo which helps get rid of scalp build up. It takes care of your hair without taking away any of your natural oils. It simply strengthens and protects each and every strand on your head. Some of the ingredients which make this product so great include, water, grapefruit peel oil, tea tree leaf oil, sage leaf extract, camellia japonica flower extract, and ginger root extract. When you step in the shower, soak your hair with water. Squirt a good amount of shampoo into your hand, later, and massage into hair. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly for the best results.

Guide step 2: Oiling

A good hair oil is great for keeping your hair silky soft. The Annatto Hair Oil by British M moisturizes dry ends and protects it from UV damage. Use this product for long lasting shine and nourished ends. This oil contains pumpkin seed oil, argon oil and more amazing ingredients to ensure great results. Simply pump into your palm and apply to hair. Thank us later.

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