create the ideal space when working remote at home

BY Teanna Lu

Working Remote

Many of us are getting a taste of what it is like working remote instead of a company office. Now that we can project the pandemic to go on longer than expected, we need to create some permanent changes in our living situation. Something that can be more suited for a better working environment. If you have yet to convert a room in your house to an at-home office, we can certainly do this together.


Find an Open Space

To start creating the ideal space when working remote, we need to think about where this area may be located. Our first thought is automatically going to be our bedroom but I would suggest that to be your last option. Your bedroom is an atmosphere where you are known to relax and wind down. If you mix work into that environment you will often want to look towards your bed and get distracted amongst all the leisure activities you can be doing.

Instead, opt for working in your living room or dining area. It is a great open space usually lit with a lot of natural lighting. Get situated by sorting out all your work materials. Next, get rid of anything that may cause a distraction. When it is out of sight it is out of mind. Put away snacks that are laying around, game consoles, or anything that will cause you to get up and lose focus.


Rearrange Your Living Area 

If you are not happy with the layout of your home, it is never too late to implement some changes. Now that work is remote, you will be spending more time in an area that should inspire you. If you don’t have an eye for interior designing, book a home decorating service. You will be able to implement a new environment catering to your needs that you enjoy living in. A space that is visually pleasing yet functional to your lifestyle.