Every Man Needs A 3x Magnifying Mirror

BY teanna lu

Magnifying Mirror

Men typically have limited beauty tools to access due to lack of knowledge in how they can be useful. Besides a few standard things for grooming to maintain your facial hair, if you have any, there is little to no beauty equipment in your household. Not to worry, I will be sharing helpful recommendations for what you may be missing out on. First, we are starting with the 3x magnifying mirror


The benefits of This Mirror 

If you have trouble understanding your skin condition, a 3x magnifying mirror is a helpful beauty tool. Before you can create an effective skincare routine, you have to understand the condition of your skin. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume if I ask you what your major skin concern is, your response is going to be I’m not sure. Well, in order to be sure, you have to really look at your skin. A standard mirror will not be sufficient because it portrays an overall image instead of focusing on the small details. The magnifying mirror will reveal fine lines and dark spots that you may not even know you have. 

When you understand the concerns of your skin you can better address the issue.


What You Should Be Looking For 

A lot of people do not own a mirror like this at home but they will come across it in hotel bathrooms. When you look into a mirror with more zoom it will reveal the minor imperfections. Focus on your pore size, the sun spots, fine lines, and even what skin type you have. By figuring out what you want to correct, you can create a skincare regimen to target those issues.


The more you know about your skin, the better you can take care of it. Try using a 3x magnifying mirror and see what you are able to discover. I hope this tip was able to help you maintain a more polished look by looking at yourself on a deeper level. For more product recommendations, be sure to check out our previous blogs. Until next time!