How To Dress For A First Date ft. Seoul Z Magazine

BY Teanna Lu

We got the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Seoul Z Magazine. A little bit about their company, they are a media website promoting small businesses located in Korea. I am honored to be a part of their series of articles in which I share my tips and secrets on how men can become the best version of themselves. Throughout the interview we were able to dive deep into Jen Auh services and SUIT MAKE products. This specific series focuses on how to dress for a first date, let me break it down.


How Should You Be Presented During A Date?


The attire will depend on where you go, which will set the setting. Nothing is more attractive than a guy that can take initiative. The first way to accomplish this is by setting a reservation for the location of the date. It shows that you care and put thought into the time spent with the other person. I recommend a first date to be at a coffee shop or a restaurant. When I say coffee shop, I don’t mean large corporation chains like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. They may be great but they don’t resemble much effort. Girls like places with great views and beautiful aesthetics. 



On a date you don’t want to be overly casual. Again you want to show that you put effort into the date and thought about your appearance

I recommend not to wear any light colors. As you may be nervous, spills and stains are more likely to happen. Opt for navy, brown, dark grey. Keep the colors neutral yet on the darker side. For shoes keep them clean and simple, white fashion sneakers or brown Chelsea boots.


Overall Appearance 

It is always important to have a polished look when dressing for a first date. Girls are very observants and will notice things such as your skin, hair, and even hands. Keep everything clean, neat, and tidy. Now is your chance to shine as a gentleman. She chose you and showed up to the date which is enough to show her your appreciation. Bring her a bouquet of flowers for a nice touch, it is a great gesture that people are losing. It is the littles things that make you stand out from the crowd. Prepare for whatever may happen by being 200% ready. 


With this series we were able to focus on how to make a great impression during a first date. Take a look at our other series to learn how to be more fashion forward in multiple scenarios. For one on one help, check out our image consulting to break down what you need to do in order to be the best possible version of yourself. Until next time!