How to follow a good diet plan with 5 simple steps

BY teanna lu

Diet Plan

Changing your eating habits is difficult especially when we live in a world with so many delicious foods to try. It makes it hard to want to eat boring fruits and vegetables when we can try cuisines from all over the world. Let me boost your spirits by saying following a good diet plan does not mean you have to completely neglect the foods you love. Everything is great in moderation so let’s start forming new habits.


1. Set Small Measurable Goals

Following a diet plan will be extremely hard if you quit cold turkey. Instead of a sudden stop when eating your favorite foods like you are used to, find a way to incorporate healthy alternatives. Have a side of leafy greens with your lunch or a small bowl of fruit for desert. Little actions like this lead to a greater impact. Even more consumption of water is a great addition in the right direction. This way you are slowly introducing more nutrients into your diet while still eating the foods you enjoy.


2. Meal Prep Your Food

We often fall into the trap of getting take-out because it is convenient. We may be too tired or too lazy to prepare a meal so we go to our nearest drive through for a quick solution. Instead of this, you can prepare weekly meals to make sure you are reaching your goals and staying on track. Meal prep containers help make this process easier and limit you from having large portions. Remember, preparation is the key to eating healthy!


3. Try New Dishes

Another way we fall into a set back is because we get tired of eating the same things. It gets harder to consume the more we eat, making us divert to unhealthy choices. 

Limit this by expanding your recipes. There are resources and alternatives such as healthy recipes on youtube, cookbooks, and different magazines to look at. Switch up your taste buds by trying something new.



4. Always Have A Healthy Snack

Fill your pantry with lots of healthy options so you don’t get tempted towards junk food. If you are going to be out for a few hours, pack cut fruits, bite size vegetables, or natural juices to keep you from unnecessary cravings.



5. Keep A Food and Excise Goal

Keeping track of how much you are eating and how much you exercise is important. Sometimes you don’t realize that small bites here and there add up and you are taking more rest days than workout days. Find a method that works for you. It can be a workout calendar, a hand-written journal, or even the notes app on your smartphone.


Hopefully these 5 steps are able to get you started towards a healthier lifestyle. It is important to listen to your body throughout this journey. If you begin to have cravings, deprivation tends to result in a major set back so if needed, reward yourself to a few treats. While you are beginning to follow a diet plan, implement some quick workouts into your routine. As this is all I have for you today, come back next week for more style, grooming, and lifestyle tips