how to wear a face mask in style during covid-19

BY Teanna lu

Due to coronavirus, a face mask is now an everyday fashion staple. Crazy to think that this is the new hit accessory but it is now our reality. Everyone started out with the classic hospital grade blue mask but now the variety of prints and patterns have expanded. The options of fabric face masks are endless and there are ways  men can wear a face mask in style.


Fashion Face Mask

Throughout the many months that COVID-19 has been around, people have gotten creative and created fashion face mask to go along with our everyday attire. Wearing the typical blue medical grade face mask is no longer the only way to stay protected.  Non-medical face masks made of different pattern fabrics have been worn to make a fashion statement. You can find anything from solid colors to designer patterns. Keep in mind the medical guidelines and protocols when making your purchase. Some are well made and others are not.


When In Doubt Wear White

When deciding what kind of mask will pair well with your attire, keep in mind that a white mask goes with everything. It is a universal color that will match with any attire, casual or professional. A white dental mask will make a perfect accessory. It is more breathable and covers saliva and micro dusk. 

You won’t have to worry about it coordinating with your outfit because the color is neutral. White is a classic and timeless shade. An option you can not go wrong with.


Match It With Your Outfit

To take things to the next level, get a mask that matches your outfit. It will showcase your unique sense of style and you’ll be sure to stand out. To do this, wear a mask that brings out one of the primary colors in your apparel. Another way is to match your mask with the pattern of your tie. Nowadays, men can purchase a mask and tie set.


It is always important to test the quality of your face mask because for all you know, it can be providing you zero protection due to its quality. An easy way to test if the face mask is protective enough is by using a lighter. Put on your face mask and light a flame. Attempt to blow out the flame with your breath through the mask. If the flame is still lit, the mask is good to go. I hope this article was able to inspire you on how you can wear a face mask in style during COVID-19. For more related style tips, come back next week for insight on a new topic.