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Wonjin Effect Medi Cell Rejuvenation Mask

Medi Cell Rejuvenation Concentrated Ampoule Mask by WONJIN is an anti-aging mask that we highly recommend for anyone struggling with premature signs of aging. It is also beneficial towards anybody who wants to prevent long term skin damage.

The benefits of this anti-aging mask include quick vitality and elasticity recharge with energy from plant stem cells. After using it, you will notice a firming effect and less visible aging signs on your skin.

10 Sheet Mask Box 30 ml x 10 Masks

Why Should Men Use Sheet Masks?

Sheet masks are a great item to incorporate to your skincare routine because they are simple to use:

  • First and possibly most important, they provide hydration and moisture to the skin. Most men tend to have either dry or dehydrated skin. Extra hydration will always be a plus, no matter how much lotion you put on.
  • An easy and foolproof skincare. Sheet masks provide benefits without the extra work. It is a simple way to relax while still doing something beneficial for your skin.
  • Sheet masks soothe the skin. It is great for any male suffering from sensitive skin or skin irritation after shaving.
  • Great for anti-aging. An effective aid to all of those who enjoy practicing outdoor sports, smoking, or any activity that might make skin age faster.
  • Soothing sheet masks are great to help you relax and care for yourself and your appearance in a very simple way after a workout or a tough day.
  • To cool and debloat the skin. Skin overheating directly translates into collagen destruction making your face saggy. Sheet masks are perfect to use after a sunburn or a night of drinking.

These are just some of the benefits and uses of sheet masks, to learn more about men skincare have a look at our grooming section. Our editorials cover frequently asked questions submitted by our clients, as well as articles that provide guidance in all topics related to fashion, skincare, and lifestyle.


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