GIERRE MILANO Green/Blue Patterned Tie




GIERRE MILANO Green/Blue Patterned Tie

Color: Green/Blue

The history of Gierre Milano has tradition, modernity, entrepreneurship, and excellence as common denominators. Each individual “piece” is personalised so that it accords with the customer’s preferences in terms of fabric, pattern, and details, all guaranteed by the quality that comes as part of “Made in Italy”.

Made in Italy

Composition: Silk 59%, Linen 41 %


At the end of the day if you want to wear a tie or not is up to you but these are some reasons where you might want to consider adding one to your outfit.

-To add a hint of formality, if you are going to an event or an important appointment, you might wanna stick with the tie as it makes any outfit much more professional.

-If you want to accessorize your outfit while staying classic, you can always add a tie or a bowtie and keep the tradition. Keep in mind that you can also spice up an outfit and make it more modern or daring with the right tie as well.

-To add some shape or color, if your outfit seems to be missing something, you can always add a tie to complete the look.

-If you are wearing any formal attire like certain suits, jackets and even some types of shirts, you most likely will want to add a tie to “tie” up your look.


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