Gierre Milano Green Patterned Tie


Gierre Milano was founded in 1981, and it is a renowned trendsetter at the PITTI UOMO fashion show in Italy. The company crafts handmade scarves and ties amongst other items for the elegance of men’s attire. Each piece is personalized to meet the clients’ preferences in terms of fabric, pattern, and details. The company`s goal is to ensure that every item we make is “unique” for quality and price. All designs and manufacturing are exclusively carried out by Gierre Milano`s craftsmen, making the ties a truly “made in Italy” product.



Length: 185 cm

Width: 64 cm

Material: 100% Silk

Color: Gierre Milano Green patterned

Made in Italy


How to Use

Click here for different methods to tie a tie.


  1. Take the Nick Bronson blue and gold patterned tie and lay the wide end of your tie to the left and the narrow end on your right.
  2. Cross the left side over the right.
  3. Bring the wide end under and back to the left.
  4. Take the wide end of the tie back over once more.
  5. Pull the wide end up through neck loop.
  6. Bring it down through front loop.
  7. Tighten the knot and adjust the dimple.


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