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Finding Your Personal Style Through Image Consulting

Our image consulting service consists of a 2-hour private session, one to one. Consultation can be made via Skype/Facetime, in person if you are located in Seoul, Korea or on-site if you request the service. 

During our consultation, we will discuss your interest and expectations when creating this new style. To achieve a look that can highly represent you properly. This image consulting session will not only influence positively in your appearance but will drive you towards achieving your goals. 

How Does This Image Consulting Service Work?

We can determine your style in many ways. From refreshing your wardrobe for a new season to refining your style for your career development. It can be anything from help you dress properly for a date to help you dress like a boss. By the end of the session, you will not only know what suits you best but also what to wear and how to style your clothes for each occasion. 

personalized style chart just for you will be created during your image consulting session. This chart will include all your measurement information and style tips which will be provided through email within a week. This will be useful not only for now, but it will be a tool you can use as well for your future shopping or even tailoring. Trough this image consulting, we will give you the tools not only to change yourself physically but also at a deeper level.

Contact Jen at for your appointment or any further questions.

This and all other services are available in English.

We just renewed our website but we still wanted to keep all of our client’s opinions available. They provide references for future clients and show appreciation from previous clients who took time and effort to leave us feedback:

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  1. Jason

    I’m not capable of writing a review as comprehensive as Jen’s services. Head-to-toe, from skin care to clothes to accessories and even attitude, she covers it all. Before I met Jen I was a bit concerned that she might just recommend clothes from her shop, but that was not the case at all. Her picks were independent and in my best interests. My favorite part was that she did all of the shopping and I didn’t have to step foot in any store. I was hoping to get an entirely new wardrobe and that’s what I ended up with. Highly recommended, and specifically recommend letting Jen shop for you; saved me tons of time and was so stress-free compared to shopping for myself.

  2. Nash

    Jen provides the best curated, personalised service which is tailored to your needs. She will work her highly professional fashionista magic on you for sure. Think – exclusive, excusite, & refined! You will be reborn and refreshed for sure! 👍🏼👍🏼Highly recommend!! 5 stars!

  3. Cameron

    This was an amazing experience. Jen is knowledgeable, friendly and takes her job seriously. She takes into account your budget, and doesn’t try to sell you on anything. The appointment was comprehensive and we worth the money. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family.

  4. Ruby

    This is totally worth the money. Jen truly asks the right questions and gets to know you on a deeper level (and she is hilarious to boot!) I really enjoyed how she shared about her life and made me feel like a valued friend rather than a customer. If you are curious about your personal style, you will get more than enough advice. Jen makes you feel comfortable with a beverage of your choice, asks about your personal values, and listens to you. She is a gem!

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