L`Aiglon Braided Cuir Belt


François Bayon, a military tailor and inventor of an invisible corset that would cleverly embellish the silhouette of the men in the French army,  in 1889 developed his brand and gave it the name of L’Aiglon. The company selects the most beautiful leathers for its belts, and designs a selection which only retains the exceptional. Smooth or grained classical leathers, but also exotic rare skins such as the caiman and the lizard, offer a wide choice of business or casual models. Hand sewn, they offer a quality that has never been equalled. The company adapts its creativity to a changing world to develop hand braids in colours and with a flexibility that guarantee success.



Size: 110

Width: 4 cm

Material: Cuir de Vachette

Color: Cuir

Made in France