Meditamin Snow Cell (pack of 3)


For $130 you will receive 3 packs of the product.

Snow Cell is an inner-beauty supplement for brightening, whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, and prevent dark spots.


Glutathione: Whitening/brightening, Collagen: skin elasticity & antiaging, Fermentation Rice Bran Enzyme: brightening, soft skin texture, anti-aging, Vitamin B, C: anti-oxidizing, Vitality.


Take 3 tablets two times per day.
One bottle contains 168 tablets which is equal to 28 days of supply.


While taking this, if the color of urine gets more yellower or darker, it is natural because of Vitamin B ingredients.

There are no sensitive ingredients for pregnant/breastfeeding women at all. However, it is recommended to be extra careful in such periods, so it would be ideal not to take it for the time being.