Meditamin Snow Glow


For $85 you will receive 15 masks (5 sheet masks/pack).

Snow Glow is a premium sheet mask aimed to give you luminous skin. The mask is sensitive skin-friendly and it provides moisturizing as well as brightening effects.


Vitamin B3 (Niacinamaide): High contents of Vitamin B3 (35,000ppm of Niacinamaide)
Plant-based ingredients from Gattefosse France:
1) Kiwi-water: Hydration/soften the skin/glow from within
2) Gattefosse Renew (Cryptomeria Japonica Bud Extract): Hydration/Smoothes the surface/Restructures the skin/Youthful skin
3) Gattefosse Radiance (Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract): Radiant, Brightened, strengthened skin barrier

1 pack contains 5 sheet masks.


  • After washing your face, clean up with toner.
  • Take the sheet out, and stick it well on your face.
  • After 15~20minutes remove the sheet and pat your face so that essence can be absorbed into the skin well.


Snow glow is made of premium, mostly plant-based ingredients. So it is sensitive skin-friendly. Nevertheless, everybody’s body constitution and skin are different. Therefore, just in case you feel an allergic reaction, then we’d recommend using less frequently.
And if still the uncomfortable reaction keeps showing up, then you can stop using it.

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