NENADELLLEE Handmade Tan Cufflinks





NENADELLLEE is a Korean artisan brand. The company creates handmade cufflinks, lapel pins, and other accessories from start to finish. They take pride in providing attention to detail and care to their unique accessories such as the tan cufflinks.

Color: Tan

5″ wide, 1″ long

100% Handmade

Made in Korea

Why Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are an accessory item that attaches both sides of the cuff in a men’s dress shirt. Apart from the suit itself, it is one of the most important pieces when it comes to formal attire. They are functional and provide extra style points. Its purpose it to keep the shirt’s cuffs neatly attached for a more polished look.

Cufflinks are a more elegant alternative for buttons. It can be a simple addition to a formal outfit. If a small modification needs to be made, such as substituting a button for a second buttonhole, it should not always be done. Use cufflinks when there are necessary as they will add a special touch to your final look.


Choi Minjung started this artisan brand in 2006. While being based in Korea, Nenadelllee aims to keep the originality of Korean Folk Art alive while mixing modern touches to make their pieces easy to incorporate in daily life. Furthermore, the brand offer lapel pins, cufflinks and many other accessories which are all 100% handmade from start to finish to add unique and special details towards any outfit.

The owner Choi Minjung does not only create artisanal pieces. She also gives lectures, teaches traditional Korean knotting techniques, and exhibits her work to help pass down Korean traditional art. Nenadelllee has already gained place and recognition with more than 12 awards under its belt since 2009. The awards include 100 Seoul Iconic Souvenir in 2013 and Traditional Korean Culture Item in 2018 due to this brand’s excellence.

Nenadelllee is available in several handmade Korean shops along Insadong and Bukchon. The company also tends to participate in other local events and fairs such as Handmade Korea Fair, Seoul Design Festival and even international exhibits like K.Soho Several Hills in LA or Korea Week Festival Melbourne in Australia. Far from being done with just selling her art, Choi Minjung also published her book in 2016 “Knot Making Time – Modern Stylish Traditional Knot Making” in hopes to teach anybody interested in how to master the art of knot making.


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