OLIMPO Leather and Rayon Belt


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OLIMPO Leather And Rayon Belt

Color: Red

Timeless belt made of leather and rayon in red. The elasticity makes it easy to fasten the buckle onto the braid.

Made in Spain

Size 95

When to Use a Colorful Belt?

Colorful belts are a great addition to casual outfits. They do not only give a pop of color to your look but also make it look more fun and less formal.

The reason why we recommend this belt beside it being a good colorful item that can make your outfits more relaxed, it is also due to the way they are made and the material. Cotton and rayon belts are easy to wear and buckle, and will not only last you a long time but you will be able to use them even when your weight changes.

Cotton and rayon belts will work well with any sort of casual pants but especially with lighter textures and even shorter patterns. Like linen or even shorts.


The original starting company that is now Olimpo was born in the 50s, in a small belt craft workshop. Now after 70 years Olimpo keeps on following the founder’s main principles, philosophy, and values.

The quality in the selection of raw materials, an impeccable finish of the product, a marked artisan signature and exclusive design are the keys that explain the success of this brand. A brand characterized by exclusivity in which their design department works to capture new trends and develop new collections that combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies.

The ‘Made in Spain’ label, a true and tested hallmark of quality, is one of the firm’s fundamental strengths together with a creative team that produces exclusive pieces that stand out for their originality and freshness.


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