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On-Site Services, Get Any Consultation Without Moving Anywhere

We offer on-site services for maximum experience and client convenience. You do not have to come to us, we come to your location for any personalized service including wardrobe analysis, personal shopping, customize grooming, interior design, and more.

Alongside this service, we can refresh your wardrobe, refine your style, and give you a personalized grooming and styling consultation at your preferred location.

Our prices are $200/hour for the consultation and specific on-site service prices are to be discussed depending on the requirements for each project.

This and all other services are available in English.

 When To Get On-Site Services?

Many consultations can be made over a video call while sending you the final products and information, but there is still a special charm of doing things face to face. If you want us to go to you because you do not have the time to come to our headquarters, or because you want us to have a look at a location or wardrobe that is outside of Seoul, we can go to you and have it all taken care of during our visit. You can get the on-site service if:

  •  You live abroad and want us to evaluate your wardrobe at your home.
  • If you need us to come to you to provide a consultation due to a lack of time.
  • You have a space that you want us to personally have a look at to provide interior design services.
  • An important event abroad where you need urgent consultation.
  • Any similar cases when due to a lack of time, or your wishes to get an in situ evaluation we might need to come to your location.

On-site services can be provided within Korea as well as abroad, just make sure to contact Jen at jen@suitmake.com for schedule, details, or any further information.


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