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Personal branding for a life transformation

Through our service of personal branding, we help men advance in their life and start a new career or journey. The personal branding service includes customized styling, grooming, face or body cosmetic surgeries (if wanted or needed), and overall lifestyle management tools. Branding yourself is much more than just image consulting, it is a lifestyle transformation.

The price for this service is $2500. This includes a total of 10 hours in sessions where we give you all the instruments and tools you will need to create your new life. (Wardrobe and cosmetic surgeries not included)

For additional hours – $100/hr.

Why Personal Branding?

Often times we find ourselves wanting more. It is not necessary that what have in the moment is bad. We could be in a really good position professionally or even personally, but something inside tells us we are missing a component. It is possible that it is not something physical that we can grasp, it could be a feeling. 

Some of us might not know exactly what we want to achieve in life. Others will have their goals set but do not know how to achieve it. At times, all it takes is asking ourselves how we feel, look and present ourselves. It can also be how others view us through life and our possibilities.

Personal branding broadens your perspective and gives you the right tools to access. It will showcase what you are capable of by representing how you view yourself and how you are able to handle situations. We help you transform your dream life and make it a reality. Achieving your goals will no longer feel like a difficult task, just a part of your daily routine.

Contact Jen at to schedule your appointment and to discuss further details.

This and all other services are available in English.


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