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Personal branding for a life transformation

Through the service of personal branding, we help men who wish to advance in their life and start a new career or lifestyle with the right personal branding. This service not only includes customized styling, grooming, face or body cosmetic surgeries (if wanted or needed) but also overall lifestyle management tools. Branding yourself is much more than just image consulting, it is a life transformation.

The price for this service is $2500. Which includes 10 hours in sessions where we give you all the instruments and tools you will need to create your new life. (Wardrobe, and cosmetic surgeries not included)

For additional hours – $100/hr.

Why Personal Branding?

Many times we might find ourselves wanting more. It is not necessary that what we have is bad. We could be in a really good spot professionally or even personally but we might still have something inside ourselves that tells us that something is missing. That there is more to it, something that we might not be able to grasp but which we are definitely able to feel.

We might not know exactly what we want or we might know very clearly what we do, but not how to achieve it. Sometimes it is a question of how we feel, others of how we look and present ourselves, and others how we see ourselves, including our life, and our possibilities.

Personal branding gives you the right tools to access all that which you seem to be missing right now. All that you are capable of, as it helps you not only see yourself and your situation differently but also face things in another manner. We help you transform your life to create a reality exactly how you want it. In which achieving your goals is not difficult but just a part of your daily life.

Contact Jen at to schedule your appointment and to discuss further details.

This and all other services are available in English.


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