Custom Tailored Made Suits

A suit exactly how you wanted. A suit that fits you perfectly and made just for you. To receive custom alterations, simply send us your most well-fitted jacket. If you don’t have a jacket that fits your body well, email us your size and we will take care of creating one that perfectly fits your body figure.

All the details regarding your order will be discussed before we take your item. You can check in with us via Skype/FaceTime or at to clarify any questions you may have, as well as to make sure the end product will meet your expectations.

The shipping fee that is spent to send your clothes to us will be credited to your total amount. And all your clothes will be delivered with free shipping in the expected arrival time of 14 business days from the date when your order was placed.


Every man should have at least one good suit that fits him like a glove. That is why having at least one custom tailor suit will come in handy. Custom clothing has many perks but the most important one is that it is clothing made to fit the person and not the other way around. Most times with ready to wear pieces we are trying to make ourselves fit into something made for everybody through things like belts, different accessories, and tailoring touch-ups. And the difference in a suit when it fits you right to when you try to make it fit is quite outstanding. You should consider getting a custom tailor made suit if:

  • You do not have any suit that fits you just right.
  • You are looking for a tailor-made suit made specifically for your wants and needs.
  • If you want something special. Like a specific detail, pattern or accessory in your suit.
  • If you want a good staple piece to build your wardrobe upon and have a suit to wear for any special occasion.
  • If you want to look different. And not wear the same suit, or even worse the same fit that everybody else is wearing too.
  • If you want to look your best and have a great suit that fits its best too.

Here at SUIT MAKE, we understand the struggle of finding clothing pieces that fit you like a glove. That is why we created a service of custom-tailored clothing that can meet everyone´s needs. Where you can not only receive personalized suits, shirts, or coats but so much more.


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