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Tailored Custom Made T-Shirts: We make unique custom-tailored shirts with any fabric, style and size. Unlike any other custom shirts, our custom-tailored shirts are made with a pattern specifically made to fit your body type and measurements. All custom made to avoid any extra fabric hanging around the waist or t-shirts being too night around the neck and bi-ceps.

You can send us your body measurement and body pictures (Front and Back, preferably in tight clothes), drop by our SUIT MAKE shop in Seoul if you are around, or Skype/Face Time with us at your convenience.

All the details of your order will be discussed before we take it, check in with us via Skype/FaceTime or Email to ask us any questions and to make sure what can be done.

The shipping fee that is spent on sending your clothes to us will be credited to your total. All your clothes will be shipped with free shipping and delivered in 14 business days from the order date.​

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