Tailored Custom Made Ties

We make unique tailored and handmade ties in any length, shape or form. Simply send us the dimensions, design, fabric and pattern requirement of your ideal tie and we will make sure to deliver your new unique high-quality accessory right to your door.

All the details regarding your order will be discussed before we take your item. You can check in with us via Skype/FaceTime or at jen@suitmake.com to clarify any questions you may have, as well as to make sure the end product will meet your expectations.

The shipping fee that is spent to send your clothes to us will be credited to your total amount. And all your clothes will be delivered with free shipping in the expected arrival time of 14 business days from the date when your order was placed.​


Custom clothing has many perks but the most important one is that it is clothing made to fit the person and not the other way around. In the case of custom made ties you can get a special design that will be unique to you and will add character and distinction to your outfits.  You should consider getting a custom made tie if:

  • You are looking for tailor-made clothing pieces that are made specifically to fit you.
  • If you want something special on your tie. Like a specific detail, pattern or accessory.
  • If you want a good staple piece to build your wardrobe upon.
  • If you want to look different. And not wear the same tie that everybody else is wearing.
  • If you want to look your best with a custom made tie that suits you best.

Here at SUIT MAKE, we understand the struggle of finding clothing pieces that fit you like a glove. That is why we created a service of custom-tailored clothing that can meet everyone’s needs. Where you can not only receive personalized suits, shirts, or coats but so much more.


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