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Wardrobe consulting to create your perfect style

With the service of Wardrobe Consulting, we evaluate your wardrobe to help you refresh your attire for a new season or build your new look. By the end of the session, you will feel confident in knowing what is appropriate to wear for every occasion and how to properly style it. Our goal is to having you looking your best. 

Why Wardrobe Consulting?

Many times, we have closets filled with clothes but still manage to have nothing to wear. In this case, it is not about quantity, but the quality of the items. Our wardrobe consulting service will advise you on what items to keep, what to discard, and what you need to purchase. We will help you create a base wardrobe that will suit you best while catering to all your needs. You might need wardrobe consulting if:

  • the clothing items you have are not suitable for your current lifestyle.
  • you attend events and you never have anything to wear.
  • you do not know what you should be buying to create a interchangeable wardrobe.
  • an expert’s point of view is needed to help you choose the right items.
  • you are looking to improve or build your style and wardrobe.
  • you wish to change your style.
  • people around you mention that you need to upgrade your style.
  • you do not know where to go shopping or where to buy the items that you need.
  • a change of image is needed.
  • you want to change the way you look.

You can contact Jen at jen@suitmake.com to schedule your appointment where we will discuss not only your current wardrobe but also about what change are you aiming for.

This and all other services are available in English.


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