SUIT MAKE's 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

BY teanna lu

When we think about time, we think we have an eternity but the clock moves faster than you think. We are celebrating SUIT MAKE’s 3rd year anniversary. Knowing that another year has gone by since the company first started is astonishing to think about. This article is dedicated to us. For all our previous and new clients who may not have known how we all started, let’s take a trip down memory lane with founder Jen Auh.


Thinking back to when you first started SM, did you expect this outcome?

SUIT MAKE started as a custom-tailoring business and within the 3 years we were able to expand into an image consulting and lifestyle brand. Recently, we separated our products (SUIT MAKE) and services (Jen Auh) to serve clients more efficiency and effectively. 


What are some changes within the company since you first started?

Since the company started, to where we are right now, SUIT MAKE has become a men’s lifestyle brands providing 360 services. This includes custom-tailored wardrobe, personalized grooming, home decorating, wellness, and life coaching. 


How was the company able to grow from year 1 to year 3?

We learn as we grow but one of the factors we take pride in is being able to listen to our customers’ needs and provide effective solutions. Within the 3 years, we have grown into a one-stop shop for men who seek to have a better lifestyle in both their personal and professional worlds.

As a founder of a business, what were some concerns you had when launching?

As an owner of a business I wanted to build a strong foundation for the company. Finding the right partners and people to run the business was where I put extra thought and consideration into. I spent time actively looking for help. Through constant networking I was able to locate the right people and the right vendors to have on my team. 


What is some advice you would give to someone hoping to start a business?

If you want to bring your dreams to life, you need to believe in yourself. Worry less about what may go wrong and bite the bullet. If you have the motivation and the excitement, start your business now. You will never know what the outcome may be without trying first.


Where do you see SM 5 years from now?

I hope to see SUIT MAKE become a global men’s lifestyle brand. Building the company as a men’s style destination including fashion, grooming, home, and work.


Every year we are able to expand in ways we could not imagine and we have our lovely clients and supporters to thank for that. Thank you for being a part of our journey and celebrating SUIT MAKES’s 3rd year anniversary. We appreciate each and every one of you for helping our company grow in any way possible. Stay up to date on what we are currently working on by following SUIT MAKE’s Instagram. Until next time, cheers to many more years to come!