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suit make's testimonials

“If your last style change was to throw out those old band shirts after high school and you’ve always felt the need to improve your look ever since without knowing how to, this is the experience for you. Jen doesn’t just pick out some new clothing pieces: she pays attention to every little detail, from hair and skin to shoes and socks in order to suggest a style that is uniquely yours. She really knows what she is talking about and won’t shame you about not knowing what a skin toner does (among other things). After those ~90 minutes, I came out a more educated and inspired man. Sure, the price might seem too high to some people, but this isn’t just for fun. It is something you can apply to your life: it’s basically an investment in yourself. And Jen made it fun! Huge recommendation!”
– Conrad

“During my first trip to Korea, I did not expect to come home with a brand new image. SUIT MAKE’s image consulting service has been a life-changer and confidence booster. Jen makes everything easy. With a background in fashion, her recommendations are stylish yet personalized. All the shopping was taken care of and ready for me to try on during our second meeting. It starts with a detailed look into your lifestyle. From personality quirks, grooming habits to career path, Jen takes the time to learn about what makes you tick as an individual. Followed by a comprehensive break down of actionable steps to improve your image. For me, the standouts included a skincare routine for my skin type, hairstyle advice, and a brand new wardrobe in my price range. SUIT MAKE has been instrumental in reinventing the way I see myself.” –   Cameron
“I spent some time meeting with SUIT MAKE to get advice and guidance on my image, what I wear, and how to present myself in a way that sends the signals I want to send. Jen met with me and not only discussed what would look good on me, but what my goals were, how to accomplish them, and how those goals interfaced with style and image. I think the most important part of the process that I valued was the in depth discussion and alignment of the image I was seeking to create. As with most people, the blocker for me was not just buying the things needed to make the image possible, but precisely defining that image. A guided tour through the process of defining that image helped unblock me, and the specific recommendations for how to accomplish that image were a cherry on top.”  –  Anthony
“The style chart from SUIT MAKE has been nothing short of transformational (literally, from head to toe)! Jen has a wealth of knowledge to share about fashion, grooming, and personal style. As a busy professional, I’ve often been guilty of prioritizing work over taking time to properly care for myself. Jen helped me establish a style foundation and consider the image that I want to project to the world. I’m pleased to now have a great wardrobe of clothes and look forward to putting together an outfit each morning. Highly recommend a consultation with SUIT MAKE, you may discover a new personal style!” – Tom
“Jen will put you at ease. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met her and after the initial few minutes, I was feeling very comfortable. Jen is also very systematic in her consultation – she will advise you on all matters from head to toe. I had a complete makeover, from outfits to make-up to a haircut all done in 2 days with her. It was worth it!” – Rohaya
“This is totally worth the money. Jen truly asks the right questions and gets to know you on a deeper level (and she is hilarious to boot!) I really enjoyed how she shared about her life and made me feel like a valued friend rather than a customer. If you are curious about your personal style, you will get more than enough advice. Jen makes you feel comfortable with a beverage of your choice, asks about your personal values, and listens to you. She is a gem!” – Ruby
“I recommend this experience for anyone who needs style direction or has an idea of what they want but aren’t quite sure how to get there or start. I needed help figuring out a professional but practical style for work and booked a session. Jen was so helpful! She listened, and understood what I was looking for. Her suggestions and report helped me to completely visualize my upgraded style. It’s also made shopping much less overwhelming and efficient–no more buying something and then eventually realizing it’s not flattering/working for me.” – Stacey
“Great personalization experience. I came with no expectation but left with a great impression. Apparently you will also be getting a personalized report after you leave with your measurements so you can purchase new clothes, makeup products, etc on your own when you are back in your own country. There’s no hard-selling of any product at all which is great! Jen also seems to have lots of experience as well! Overall, a great service!” – Lincoln
“Jen provides the best curated, personalised service which is tailored to your needs. She will work her highly professional fashionista magic on you for sure. Think – exclusive, excusite, & refined! You will be reborn and refreshed for sure! Highly recommend!! 5 stars!” – Nash
“I’m not capable of writing a review as comprehensive as Jen’s services. Head-to-toe, from skin care to clothes to accessories and even attitude, she covers it all. Before I met Jen I was a bit concerned that she might just recommend clothes from her shop, but that was not the case at all. Her picks were independent and in my best interests. My favorite part was that she did all of the shopping and I didn’t have to step foot in any store. I was hoping to get an entirely new wardrobe and that’s what I ended up with. Highly recommended, and specifically recommend letting Jen shop for you; saved me tons of time and was so stress-free compared to shopping for myself.” – Jason
“Jen was great! Provided a lot of advice and insight for someone like me who has little to zero knowledge of these topics.” – Erik
“Jen provided a detail image consultation during tea and dessert session. She is friendly and very engaging. She will try her best to answer any question and give helpful advises from head to toe. Service not only provide tailor clothes but also beauty and image. The overall experience is great and even tailor myself a suit from her.” – CK
“Worth experiencing to take this service with Jen, has a lot of nice consultancy and many advice to grooming for further professional.” – Orachun
“Very engaging! Greatly appreciated all the extra time she spent with me. Did some shoes shopping! Personable, knowledgeable and fun!” – Rancall
“Jen is nice and friendly. She gave a lot of advice on finding your unique style. I am never into much style and she gave very practical advice that you can follow easily.” – Delon
“I register my husband to this image consulting service, and although he is a little bit reluctant to do this at first, but turns out he is really happy during the experience. He finally know how to suit up nicely and finally knows that my advices on his fashion is TRUE lol! Jennifer is really fun to talk to, because her english is really good. Also she answer anything clearly, without any uneasy feelings, so that is a plus point for me, since we know exactly which one is good, and which one is not. She is really open and you can ask anything about fashion and she would answer it. Her place is also in a very nice area, with modern shops around so you can shop too when you are in neighbourhood.” Recommended! – Laura
“The whole image consulting service was just great ! We had a great time talking and communication was excellent. I am a guy who prefer comfort over fashion, and was in need of a wardrobe upgrade. Jen listen very well to my reference and wishes and gave excellent advices from top to bottom! even hairstyle and skincare. I would absolutly recommend you book your appointment if youre in Seoul. You’ll get the best fashion consultation with the eyes of a professional that custom tailor to fit exactly you!” – David
“My experience with Jen’s image consultation was nothing short of exceptional. She was very easy to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable, and gave me so much more information than just about fashion. She asked me questions of what my personal fashion goals were and gave me specific and easy to follow instructions on how to improve my style and wardrobe. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their look and fashion sense and I am very happy with my experience.” – John
“Jen is very knowledgeable and friendly! She gave me very detailed tips from head to toe on how I should groom and accessorize. She also took measurements and e-mailed a specific template that I should follow to reach my fashion goals. I would recommend this to anybody that is lost in terms of their fashion direction or just want to get a professional perspective on your current image.” – Jason
“This was easily one of the best image consulting services for me. Jen is amazing – she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I got so many fashion tips, style tips, and much more. I highly recommend Jen. She is herself a smart, articulate and warm person – and the advice she gives is personalized and was bang-on for me. I will be in touch with her for a long time!” – Amit
“After a careful interview with me, Jen gave me advice on so much things, such as wearing what to pursue the style I want, going where to get the clothes and accessories I want (both online and around Seoul), organising my wardrobe, recommending the right colour and textile for me, and so much more. Jen even emailed me the photos so I could understand the point more easily. After the session, I told Jen that I was so much happy and look forward to doing my styling as per her advice.” – Daniel