The 3 Essentials every man needs in his closet

BY teanna lu

Essentials Every Man Needs

In order to put together a good outfit, we all need basic pieces as a foundation. These would be considered essentials every man needs in his closet. You may be thinking, why are these considered must haves. The answer is because they are universal. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, and most importantly you can pair them with other items. This give you the ability to form more than just one look with a single piece of clothing.


The Essentials

1. White Shirt
  • Commonly made with cotton and attached with a regular collar.
  • An important thing to remember is to make sure your shirt is not too thin. This will ensure that your undershirt or body hair will not be visible.
2. Light Blue Shirt
  • Commonly made with cotton and attached with a regular collar.
  • Appropriate for a more casual setting and a great way to introduce a pop of color.
3. Navy Jacket
  • A sports coat provides a more casual touch because there is an outside pocket instead of a traditional flap you would normally find on a formal jacket.
  •  An outerwear staple to pair on top of denim, white, and light blue shirt for a classic look. 


Custom Tailored Wardrobe 

The perfect place to purchase these essentials every man needs is here at SUIT MAKE. We offer custom tailored wardrobe which is exactly what it sounds like. Clothing designed and measured specifically for you. When you purchase mass produced clothing, one size does not fit all. After styling so many clients, we have found it beneficial to design an article of clothing to fit your exact needs. 


After reading this article, if you find that standard sizes do not fit your body well, take a look at our wardrobe options. We can work together to create something custom so you no longer have to worry about clothes not fitting perfectly.