Hydrate and Protect Your Skin

Skincare goes hand in hand with appearance. We improve our appearance because we want to look youthful. In order to look youthful, we need to implement skincare. After many years working in the beauty industry, I have accumulated effective tips to hydrate and protect your skin which are two main important factors to remember.


Having a skincare regimen may be foreign to men. More often than not, I come across men who have skin concerns but do not use any products to address the issue. It may be due to lack of experience or confusion between the abundance of products so I will make it easier for you. I have broken it down to two simple products to use to hydrate and protect your skin morning and night.


Sun Protection

We are exposing our skin to harmful UV rays that come directly from the sun during the day. UV rays is one of the strongest elements that can age our skin which is what we want to avoid at all cost. To protect your skin, use Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+.


It is a highly recommended favorite because the product applies completely invisible. What do I mean by that? I mean zero residue and no white cast. It also works well for men because is it created with a lightweight formula and it does not make your facial hair sticky.

Sunscreen can protect your skin in many ways. A few important ones include preventing unwanted wrinkles and dark spots for an anti-aging effect.

  • Apply the product throughout the face and neck in the morning


Hydrating Sheet Mask

As a step in your night time skin care regimen, include Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask. While you are exposing your skin to harmful barriers outdoors, I recommend using this product nightly to replenish your skin.


Just as important as it is to hydrate your body, the same rule applies to the skin. Whether you experience dry skin during the winter or oily skin during the summer, moisturizing your skin is extremely important to keep everything in balance.

  • Apply sheet mask for 15 minutes at night
  • When the product is absorbing into the skin, remove the mask and pat in all the essence
  • Follow with a moisturizer or night cream


Now that you know my secret weapon for youthful looking skin, try it for yourself and see results in as soon as 2 weeks. While you are here, take a look at our other blog articles for additional tips.