Why Do Men Need Custom Tailored Suits?

BY Teanna lu

Custom Tailored Suits

This may seem like a simple question with an obvious answer but a lot of men don’t understand the difference from buying a suit off the rack versus tailor made suits. For a quick answer, men need custom tailored suits because it provides a specific fit, better quality, and an overall better look.


Finding A Suit With The Perfect Fit

People come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You may have wider hips but longer legs, short arms but a broad shoulder, the variations are endless. The beauty is that everyone is so unique with different physical traits and attributes. With that being said, it is impossible for a manufacturer to create sizes that can fit everyone perfectly. I am sure you can relate when shopping, items may fit you great in one area but too long or short in another.


The Benefits of Having A Tailor

Having a go-to tailor is important if you want to wear things that fit you well. You will find suits with alteration will have a significant difference in how the fabric will rest on your body.

The tailor will measure specific areas to find the proper length and width to complement your physical appearance. From taking an article of clothing that everyone may have, they can reconstruct the garment. It will fit like a glove with specific features or unique details that you may want in addition. 


Custom Tailored Wardrobe

Here at SUIT MAKE we understand the struggle of finding clothing that fits and the importance of having tailored clothing. From the start, we offer custom tailored wardrobe and one of the pieces we can alter are custom suits. We focus on creating a fit that will compliment an individual and accentuate the right areas of the body.


Take a look at your wardrobe and see what pieces can be made to fit better. You will find that a few adjustments can make the world of a difference in how the garment will look when it is on. For more fashion related tips, take a look at our other blogs. Until next time!